Ways You Could Live the Travel Life If You Won the Lottery

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Despite the ultra-slim chances of winning the lottery, daydreams about how we would spend all that money are always a fun topic. For a lot of us, travel is top of the list of things we’d love to be able to do more – and winning a huge sum of cash would definitely make it easier to fulfil our cravings.

There are all kinds of travel-related luxuries you could spend your new-found fortune on; granted, most of us will never get the chance, but if your dreams did come true, here are five ideas for how you could live a life of luxury travel.

Luxury travel could go from fantasy to reality

Make your whole life travel-centric

One of the most appealing things about the idea of winning a fortune is the thought of never having to worry about money again. Rent or mortgage payments, and even the need for a stable job would be a thing of the past – and you could use this freedom to live a totally travel-centric life.

The whole world could become your oyster. You could take inspiration from someone like Nicolas Berggruen, the ‘Homeless Billionaire’, and sell your home – removing all ties to one particular location, and make globetrotting your full-time occupation.

For true extravagance, you might even think about purchasing a luxury yacht, fully equipped with a helipad (plus piloted helicopter, naturally) and a garage to house a few cars, and travel the globe as a nomad. (Of course, while this might suit some, those with children and family might need to consider alternatives!)

Could a luxury yacht be your key to the world?

Purchase the holiday home(s) of your dreams

Something a lot of us dream about is being able to buy the holiday home of our dreams. If you found yourself in a position where money was no longer an issue, you could make this a reality.

You could look into something charming and elegant, like a villa or chalet, be indulgent and opt for a luxurious mansion, or perhaps an entire castle. If you’re really financially blessed, you could go ‘full Richard Branson’ and purchase a private island.

If you don’t want to feel restricted to one location, you could look into something slightly different like a luxury property investment fund. This would give you the chance to own several properties all over the globe and your travel itch would be scratched while living in elegance.

Would you invest in a luxury villa – or a private island?

Become an explorer

While lots of us dream of adventurous exploration, actually going about it is far more expensive than you might think. Ambitions like climbing Mount Everest are on many people’s bucket lists, but cost far more than most of us can afford.

Of course, if you had just won the lottery, these financial restrictions would become irrelevant, enabling you to indulge in the travel experiences out of reach for the majority of people.

From making excursions to the polar ice caps, to embarking upon a luxury safari, if adventure lies in your heart, then this would be a great way to spend your riches.

Where would your explorations take you?

Start a global charity

Many of the wealthiest people in the world establish their own charity foundations, and if you’re passionate about the well-being of our planet’s population, you could look into raising money to help those from disadvantaged backgrounds, or to improve sustainability in any number of different areas.

You would be able to travel the world while making a real difference, and setting up a global charity would give you the opportunity to spend time in the places that really matter.

Invest in a sports team

If sport means the world to you, then you could take a leaf from the book of numerous celebrities and wealthy individuals by purchasing a stake in your favourite team (or buying the whole team itself, if you can afford it!)

This could help you reap all kinds of benefits: you would never have to worry about buying tickets again and there could be the possibility of making even more money.

Most significantly though – if you invest in a team which plays internationally, you could satisfy your travel cravings by touring the globe to see them play, combining a love of sport and a life of travel.

You could travel the globe with your own sports team…

Asking someone how they would spend a fortune is nearly always met with unique and interesting responses. Sure, there are a few standard answers, but everyone is different – whether travel would be your number one priority or not, winning a fortune in cash would certainly help to make your fantasies a reality.
Fine, it almost certainly won’t happen. We can but dream. Now, where’s that lottery ticket…

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