The World's Best Hangover Cures, Ranked

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You feel like the inside of a dirty sock. Your head has a hedgehog crawling around between your ears, you mouth is dry and you have the sneaking suspicion that you accidentally live-storied your guilty late-night cheesy chips.

But fear not, we have the solution. Culture Trip have bravely compiled the world’s best hangover cures and investigated each one to discover what REALLY works.

13. Rubbing a lemon on your armpit, Puerto Rico

As you have to do this before you go out drinking, we’re not sure it’ll help much. But you will smell citrus-fresh, so perhaps that will cheer you up.

12. Sparrow droppings in brandy, Hungary

The logistics of collecting sparrow droppings seem sketchy, to say the least.

11. Pickled Sheep’s Eye in Tomato Juice, Mongolia

The tomato juice sounds pretty good. The sheep’s eye, on the other hand, is definitely adding nothing.

10. Kokoreç, Turkey

Lung sandwich, anyone? © William Neuheisel / Flickr

After a night on the raki, Turks tuck into a dish made from lamb or goat intestines with seasoned offal such as sweetbreads, hearts, lungs or kidneys. While the vitamins and minerals you get from this are probably pretty good, let’s just say that it’s definitely not vegan. It’s often served in a sandwich.

9. Picocita, Guatemala

This is a can of beer into which you add some chopped onion, a sliced jalapeño pepper, some white wine vinegar and water, salt, the juice of a lime, and a dash of Worcestershire sauce. Because it’s the dash of the sauce that really makes it delicious.

8. Sheep brains, South Africa

If you survive a night out in Johannesburg, try the local delicacy of sheep brains to get rid of your hangover.

7. Haring met uitjes, Netherlands

Herring for your hangover? © Chris RubberDragon / Flickr

Haring met uitjes is a whole herring preserved in vinegar, served with onions. If you’re used to it, we’re sure it’s tasty.

6. Buffalo milk, Namibia

This doesn’t contain any buffalo milk, but instead is cream mixed with rum and liquor. It’s basically a bit like a boozy milkshake. Sounds comforting, to be honest.

5. Revuelto Gramajo, Argentina

No one’s quite sure who this cure from Argentina is named after – some say a colonel, others say a government official. One thing is for sure, it’s delicious, and consists of chips, ham and scrambled eggs.

4. Sauna, Finland

Sweating out the toxins can only help © Thomas Wanhoff / Flickr

Finns recover after a night of akvavit by sweating it all out in a sauna and whacking themselves with birch branches. Mmm, refreshing.

3. Umeboshi, Japan

These salty, sour pickled plums were once thought to be so restorative that they were included in a samurai’s rations. A couple of them will sort you right out.

2. Coconut water, Sri Lanka

A traditional thambili (king coconut) is what Sri Lankans have turned to after a heavy night out. A little hard to come by outside of Sri Lanka, regular coconut water is a reasonable substitute.

1. Full English, United Kingdom

How many kinds of meat can YOU fit on one plate? © Jeremy T. Hetzel / Flickr

The one, the only, the best. Eggs, bacon, sausage, fried bread, black pudding, tomatoes, mushrooms, toast and tea. The full English breakfast is ‘kill or cure’. Scottish, Irish and Welsh versions are also available.