The UK's Mature Fashion Bloggers You Need to Know

The UK's Best Mature Fashion Bloggers | Image courtesy of Online Stylist on Instagram
The UK's Best Mature Fashion Bloggers | Image courtesy of Online Stylist on Instagram
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Fashion Editor7 August 2017

Now, as just about everyone turns to the internet and social media for information, we see more and more fashion obsessives setting up blogs to share their inspirations, their musings and their personal style. Naturally, it’s the millennials that are at the cusp of this ever-growing industry, having been brought into an already-existing digital world, but it’s the slightly older generation of fashion bloggers that we find the most intriguing. Arguably more comfortable with their own sense of style and boasting more years of trial and error than their younger counterparts, their acute awareness of the industry is not only inspiring but also informative. Here, we list those that will bring something a little different to your daily feed.

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Garance Doré

She writes, she blogs, she founded the now-famous website, and she is a New York Times best selling author for her book, Love Style Life. There’s seemingly nothing that Garance Doré cannot do. Multi-talented, inspirational and beautiful to boot, her sense of style is eclectic, but it always maintains an element of her heritage French charm as she mixes fashion’s interchangeable trends with a considered edit of timeless investments. Style is ageless; Doré is proof of that, and she, like many of the most reputable fashion bloggers of our generation, is a brand in herself. What’s more? This woman speaks the truth. Take note of her wise words as well as her style tips, and start to feel a whole lot more empowered than you ever thought you would just by following a fashion influencer.

Amanda Start

Launching her blog, Online Stylist, in 2009 after taking redundancy from her job in finance, Amanda Start is living proof that a true passion, when executed correctly, can turn itself into a career. Her website and Instagram page is a beautifully curated assortment of inspirations, imagery and style notes with a distinctive aesthetic and a personable tone of voice. An expert in capsule wardrobe staples and heralding cashmere as her fabric of choice, her sense of style communicates a luxurious ease that’s so relatable that you’ll find yourself seeking out her pages time and time again, not least before making your new-season wishlist. Search her hashtag #elevatetheeveryday, put your hand on your heart and repeat the mantra; Style Is Ageless before embarking upon your next wardrobe update.

Accidental Icon

Launched by Lyn Slater as a creative outlet outside of her law profession (do we sense a trend here?), Accidental Icon presents an intelligent approach to fashion and a unique way of dressing. Priding herself on having original style without being eccentric, her blog posts and Instagram feed present a fascinating mix of luxury pieces worn well. Perhaps you’re not the kind of person who will ever invest in Issey Miyake or Jean Paul Gaultier but there’s something about this particular insider that sticks in your mind and her confident approach is a takeaway in itself. Not only does she look great, but her words are carefully put together and have meaning. Whether it’s the recurring Weekend Bibliography that draws you back or you prefer something a little more profound (see the recent post entitled; One Demographic) one thing is for sure – there’s a reason why this unique creative has collated over 250k followers.

A Style Album

You may recognise the faces behind fashion and lifestyle blog, A Style Album, as Louise Redkapp and Emma Thatcher both have their own reputable Instagram accounts and careers outside of the blog. One of the first U.K-based blogging partnerships, their approach is one that stands out from the crowd. Yes, their sense of style is complementary but both women bring something different to the content and offer a personal twist on trends that, in essence, is two sets of inspiration for the price of one. Not only focusing on style but specialising in travel and interiors as well, this well-presented, carefully thought-out blog is the perfect place to spark your own creativity and inspire a beautiful life.

Does My Bum Look 40

Incase you hadn’t guessed it from the blog name, Kat Farmer doesn’t take her work too seriously, and her posts come laced with a witty charm that’s infectious. Seeing her blog as a sort-of diary of her 40s, she takes a modern approach to classic style and she ‘does’ wardrobe staples well, nodding to current trends in a sophisticated manner that will inspire you to strip back your own collection and start from the basics upwards. Think jeans and a Breton tee with statement earrings or a block midi heel and you’ve got it in one. Her looks are easily copiable and her not-so-perfectly edited version of life is relatable, which is what makes this mother-of-two so enticing. A light-hearted approach to blogging with a plethora of knowledge, Does My Bum Look 40 has well and truly earned its spot in our hitlist.

Sophie Fontanel

More of a muse than a blogger, Sophie Fontanel’s is the kind of Instagram page that you could find yourself scrolling for hours on end and never get bored. A French columnist and author of The Art Of Sleeping Alone: Why One Woman Suddenly Gave Up Sex, she believes that in order to be well dressed, one must be well read. And that’s what gives her her edge. There’s absolutely nothing try-hard about this 55 year old content creator, and her mirror selfies capture a sense of personality as well as an eclectic approach to getting dressed in the morning. Don’t expect to be able to shop all of her outfits, though, as she sources a lot of her most stand-out pieces in vintage stores, bringing them up to date with the addition of a high street item or a current season accessory. Think one-of-a-kind prints mixed with a dash of H&M and a touch of Maison Valentino and you’ve got it in one.

Deborah Brett

The beauty of the 40+ influencers is that many of them not only create beautiful, inspiring content (some for a living, others for the love of it), but they also have multiple other strings to their bow. Debroah Brett is the Fashion Editor at Large at Wardrobe Icons, contributing editor at Red magazine and a founding member of the British Fashion Council’s Fashion Trust. As if that’s not enough, she also inspires on a daily basis through the use of her Instagram page, sharing the most relevant trends and designers with her followers, as well as how to wear them. Another of the more personable accounts, there’s something especially effortless about Deborah’s curation which makes it all the more enticing. Fashion aside, this is also a great account to head for if you’re looking for travel tips and foreign hotspots.


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