The Talented Alex Echo | 5 of His Best Pieces

Rehan Sajid

London recently saw a charitable artistic event launch called ‘Travels to My Elephant’, which is billed as once in a lifetime rickshaw (Tuk Tuk) race that is due to take place in India later in the year. As part of the campaign London will see rickshaws designed by various artists grace the streets. From June onwards these rickshaws will help raise awareness for the charity before the epic race which will be taking place in November 2015. Each Tuk Tuk will be given an artistic identity by an esteemed artist. International award winning artist Alex Echo is one of the people helping this venture succeed. An artist who has experienced his fair share of struggles, he grew up in Denver, Colorado, and is one who has never ducked away from a challenge. He has been commissioned to design one of the Tuk Tuks which will be auctioned off by Sotheby’s along with a large original painting. These are 5 of Alex Echo’s finest pieces to date.

Escape at Midnight Blues by Alex Echo

Escape at Midnight 1 Blues

Escape at Midnight 1 Blues is a really magnificent piece constructed by the usage of vibrant colors to highlight the mood of the sky at night. Escape at Midnight is rare, due to the limited availability and has been finished off with great precision. is amongst one of the art galleries in the UK to have it in stock.

Reflections & Ripples Study No.4

This piece originated due to Alex’s appreciation of the Earth we reside in. ‘Reflections & Ripples Study No.4’ offers a reflection of his love affair with earth, nature and water. In order to show his appreciation, he wanted to contribute in more ways than just visual enhancement. He did so by deciding to contribute all his royalties from the art pieces to Water Aid UK. By doing so, he could give back to, in his own words, ‘This beautiful earth, its oceans, rivers and lakes which dazzle my eyes daily.’

Into the Night by Alex Echo

Into The Night

When speaking of this piece, the artist commented, ‘Who doesn’t like butterflies?!’. He went on to state that butterflies flying alone seem to have some sort of quiet dignity. He then linked these dignified butterflies to the Royal Air Force, to whom he was trying to pay homage.

Elemental Source 32

Again revisiting the elements of the earth, this work uses a palette of colors that have been weaved into an art piece using his own perspective. The piece sets a precedent as to how to use colors to highlight a variety of emotions.

Elemental Source Study No.4

Amongst his latest pieces comes a holistic attempt at ‘Capturing the tiniest snapshot of the infinite ballet of quantum miracles that lay before our eyes every single second of our lives.’
This piece is really inspired by the nature that surrounds us. Once again, the royalty money that is earned by this collection will be distributed to Water Aid.
You can see more of Alex’s work (along with other famous artists) at ArtMarket, which is an art gallery specializing in graphics and contemporary fine art. Click here to view their location on Google Maps.

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