These Six Apps Will Help You Beat Jet Lag


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At some point, we’ve all succumbed to the only real disadvantage of travelling the world: jet lag. Whether you can’t sleep through the night, or find it impossible to keep your eyes open during the day, at least one day of your holiday is guaranteed to suffer – until now. Here are six of the best apps to help you beat jet lag.


If flying makes you anxious, download a meditation app like Headspace. You can also find a Headspace podcast series on the podcast app Acast, or use the app to download other relaxing podcasts. And be sure to check Spotify, for pre-made ‘sleep’ playlists.

Sleep Smart

To improve your sleep, use Neuroon – the world’s first smart sleep mask. Neuroon measures EEG (brainwaves) and uses this data for advanced sleep staging. You can also use the Neuroon Open app to gather sleep data, show sleep score, and get personalised sleep tips.


Control Your Seat

Getting the best possible seat on a flight will allow you to relax and arrive rested. SeatGuru gives seat map advice that’s been collected from over 45,000 flier reviews.

Get a Personalised Plan

Go on Jet Lag Rooster and enter your flight details and your normal sleep pattern. With a few clicks, the site will create a personalised jet lag plan, hour-by-hour, and offer guidance to help you combat it. British Airways has a similar online jet lag calculator that’s worth checking out if you’re flying British.

Jet Lag Rooster

Monitor Your Body Clock

Download Entrain for free, and the app will offer a light-exposure schedule tailored to your travel itinerary. Developed by the University of Michigan, the schedules are mathematically proven to adjust to new time zones.

Link Your Wearable with Flight Data For Personalised Insights

If you’ve got a wearable device, the SkyZen app links with your device and uses flight data to provide personalised insights to optimise your in-flight experience.

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