Places to Escape to Should the Tories Win

© Julian Peters Photography/Shutterstock
© Julian Peters Photography/Shutterstock
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Travel Expert8 June 2017

The British public will be voting for their future prime minister today. After weeks of campaigning, the country is holding its breath to find out whether Theresa May’s Conservative or Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour party will take office, or if we’ll have the first coalition since the ill-fated Conservative/Lib Dem mashup.

Across the pond, in the wake of Trump’s inauguration the Canadian immigration website crashed due to the amount of people looking to migrate north of the border, and interest in New Zealand – a country on the other side of the world – skyrocketed. As this feature on the top destinations to move to after Trump became president was one of our most popular, here’s something similar for all the sobbing socialists out there come Friday.

Jeremy Corbyn on the campaign trail | © Chatham House / Flickr

Should the Conservatives win what’s shaping up to be a closely contested election, we may see a sudden spike in travel bookings, as Brits try to escape the political aftermath or even more drastically, start a new life abroad. Whether you’re looking for a quick getaway, or a dose of socialism to ease the pain of a Tory win and being lumbered with a leader who can’t even eat a chip properly, here are just some destinations we’d recommend.


Free education, free healthcare and all the knitted sweaters your heart desires. As if you needed any more reason to see how 21st-century socialism can be done. Is it any wonder the Danish nation consistently ranks as the happiest in the world? Imagine what Theresa May – who recently said, ‘running through fields of wheat’ was the naughtiest thing she’d ever done (ignoring her cuts to education, healthcare and the police) – would make of Christiania.

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Republic of Ireland

This destination is for the voyeur voter who doesn’t want to sever ties completely with the UK. Moving here means you can watch political carnage unfold from across the Irish Sea and what’s more, remain in Europe. But in all seriousness, how Brexit will disrupt the ongoing peace between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland remains to be seen.

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This sun-drenched Caribbean paradise is perfect for beret-wielding ‘Corbynistas’ trying to find their inner activist. With one of the highest literacy rates in the world (even higher than the UK) the land that communism built can’t be all bad. With its notoriously slow internet (there are 237 paid Wi-Fi spots for a nation of 11 million people) it’s also the perfect place to detox from our 24-hour political commentary.

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Drastic times call for drastic measures. Escape to this snow-globe paradise – literally on the other side of the world – where the only thing you’ll need to worry about is frostbite, rather than human rights violations and pervasive government spying. At least you won’t have to pay inheritance tax on your igloo, and if you’re feeling fancy there’s even a five-star luxury hotel you can call home.

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