Netflix Gives the Thumbs Down to Star Ratings... and Users Hate It

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Streaming service Netflix has officially killed off one of its most popular original features by getting rid of the star rating system for its shows and movies. Instead, users will now be able to give content a big thumbs up or dismissive thumbs down to guide other viewers.

The subscription service fast-tracked the change to the five-star rating system that was mooted earlier this year. When Netflix first announced the proposed change, it was met with a wave of complaints, but it looks like the bigwigs were undeterred.

Cameron Johnson, the company’s director of product innovation, wrote on a blog that users will now see a personalised match score. This new system takes into account an individual’s preferences and tastes as dictated by the AI algorithms within the service.

The move is meant to provide far more accurate recommendations with Johnson claiming many users were confused by the purpose of the star ratings which appear next to every title on Netflix. A thumbs down automatically means the film or TV show in question will no longer show up on the homepage of the user, although they will still be available via the search function.

The announcement was made via a youtube video, although it’s not an entirely popular move as the video itself has been given a large number of thumbs down itself.

Previous votes and ratings will be amalgamated into the new system, but users remain unimpressed. Many took to Twitter to vent.

So what do you think? Does the new system get your 👍or 👎?

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