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Samsung Gear VR Headset
Samsung Gear VR Headset | Courtesy of Samsung

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Despite the incredible possibilities of 360-degree video and VR – immersive footage of the world’s biggest group skinny-dip, anyone? – the hefty price tag has kept some from embracing the tech.

The expense of cameras capable of creating 360 video has discouraged many would-be converts – until now. The Samsung Gear 360 (2017) 4K Ultra HD Action Camcorder makes it easy to capture 360-degree content, even if you haven’t tried it before. And, at just £219, it’s one of the best value devices on the market.

The world-encompassing 360-degree perspective offers a whole new way to relive priceless moments and truly remember them in full. And seeing more of each scene means you’ll remember things you don’t want to forget – like zip-lining in Seychelles or exploring Thailand’s hill tribes.

Sleek and portable, the pocket-sized Gear 360 camcorder offers 4K 360-degree video capture at 24 frames per second (fps), 2K (QHD) at 30fps and above 1080p in 60fps. It can also take 8.4 megapixel photos and time-lapse footage at 10fps – meaning you can capture ultra high definition 360-degree videos and high quality pictures for breathtakingly unique views.

Image Courtesy of Samsung

Compatible with iOS and Samsung smartphones, the camera comes with a companion mobile app and desktop application for easy editing. You can switch between dual and single camera recording, and the device has built-in Bluetooth sync for easy wireless connecting and livestream. You get up to two hours of video recording on a single battery charge, and the camera is dust- and water-resistant – perfect for trekking Morocco’s scorching desert or lounging on the most beautiful beaches in Barcelona.

Perhaps the most exciting aspect about of the tech is the ability to relive each moment in 360-degree virtual reality – allowing someone else to fully step into your shoes.
When you’re done creating, you can relive your memories in virtual reality with the Samsung Gear VR with Controller (£119). Simply insert an Android phone into the Gear VR headset, and enjoy incredible unrestricted views 360-degree, immersive footage.

Even if you can’t afford to jet set off to Bali, the headset and controller is perfect for hanging with friends in VR, going on virtual adventures in far-away worlds, experiencing front-row concert and sport matches like you were there, and watching movies and TV in ways you’ve never seen them.

The headset comes with a handheld controller which connects with a smartphone through Bluetooth and has huge optical lenses for a wide field of view – meaning any which way you turn, you’ll forget you aren’t really wherever you choose to go.

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