9 Totally Insane UK Desserts That Will Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Everyone loves stuffing themselves senseless with a delectable and uber fattening dessert — you only live once, right? That’s why we’ve scoured the country looking for the hippest, slickest and fanciest treats you’ll ever feast your pudding crazed eyes on. From Leeds to London, Edinburgh to Birmingham, these nine calorific (don’t worry, they’re so worth the extra trip to the gym) desserts are colorful, beautiful and borderline NSFW.

Treaty Pie, Liverpool…

If you’re in the mood for something magical (uber cool atmosphere included) pop in to the endlessly chic Treaty Pie in Liverpool for crumbly cakes, OTT shakes and a glittery unicorn cake that gives JK Rowling a run for her money.

The Bournville Waffle Company, Birmingham…

Chocolate + waffle = instant winner. Birmingham-based waffle extraordinaires, The Bournville Waffle Company, has become quite the go-to institution up in the Midlands. Tracking them down in their fabulous old-school caravan is part of the experience (they trade all over town), but most of the fun is stuffing this decadent savoury and sweet chocco waffle block in your mouth. NOM.

Tarte & Berry, Leeds…

The exceptionally delightful artisan Tarte & Berry bakery in Leeds knocks out some of the finest brownies in the land. Run by sisters Jane and Lucy, their multi-award winning stone-house bakery delivers all sorts of yummy treats all over the country. Think cookie dough and popcorn pretzel brownies, and butterscotch flapjacks. I MEAN – SOLD.

Crosstown Doughnuts, London…

This dope London shop of exceedingly doughy perfection creates some of the most scrumptious sourdough doughnuts in the world, yes the world: matcha tea, chai tea, apricot and lavender, chilli chocolate, peanut butter and jelly – need we go on? Two Words: GO NOW. OH, and they deliver across numerous London locations too!

Dogs ‘n’ Dough, Manchester…

What’s better than dough and chocolate? Nothing, that’s what. This Manc underground restaurant rustles up some insane dessert pizzas that were totally made for your Instagram feed. Smeared with thick and creamy Nutella and adorned with marshmallows, top your sweet pizza with chocolate buttons, Smarties, Maltesers and even Mini Eggs. Sauces? Chocolate (obviously), toffee, strawberry and raspberry.

Steam Yard, Sheffield…

Absolute doughnut porn. Those are the words you’ll be muttering once you’ve left this flaky Kronut palace. Aside from the insanely buttery concoctions (which are all topped with old school favourites like Oreos, meringues and fudge), you can enjoy a load of heart-stopping piccolos, flat whites and soy lattes – oh, and there’s a cute doggy that hangs around outside too:



The Pudding Parlour, Newcastle…

These massive cakes are literally the bomb. With numerous awards under their belts, this Newcastle-based QUEEN of a bakery is all about the wacky designs and innovative flavours, so you’re sure to find something awesomely quirky inside – just look at the Percy Pig masterpiece above. Case closed. End of. Let me stuff it in my mouth now.

Cuckoo’s Bakery, Edinburgh…

Magnolia Bakery, who? If you’re looking for a mini sugar fix in Edinburgh, here it is. Cuckoo’s Bakery is a super-cool, super friendly quintessentially Scottish bakery known throughout the city for their yummy muffins, killer brownies and absolutely fabulous cookies. Take a punt on the Mystery Special Cupcake. The flavours change weekly and you won’t regret it. Y.U.M.

Spoon Street, Belfast…


Because FRO-YO. 16 flavours, 45 toppings, fresh sorbets, vegan, sugar-free, gluten-free and locally sourced goods all served up as 98% fat-free frozen puds! What could be better?
Cake road trip anyone?
Want more incredible desserts? Check out the colossal pancake tower in the video below!

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