The Best Restaurants for Ukrainian Food in Lviv, Ukraine

Traditional Ukrainian borscht
Traditional Ukrainian borscht | © liz west / Flickr
Maria Sibirtseva

Traditional Ukrainian cuisine is an integral part of the local culture. Ukrainians love it for its nourishing and rich flavours, while tourists admire the novel combination of ingredients. The diversity of dishes varies from region to region; however, the most colourful display of gastronomy can be found in Western Ukraine, Lviv in particular.

1. Seven Piggies

Restaurant, European

© Brücke-Osteuropa / WikiCommons

At Seven Piggies, you will not only try Ukrainian dishes, but also plunge into the authentic atmosphere of traditions and customs. Imagine having a family celebration or cosy dinner with friends in a homely interior of an eighteenth century building. The restaurant has reasonable prices and delicious cuisine, so your table will be full of Ukrainian delicacies: borscht with pampushky (fritters), salo (pork fat), vareniki (dumplings) with potatoes or cherries, Galician banush (smoked corn grits with cheese) and much more.

2. Kryivka

Pub, Restaurant, European

© Microcell / WikiCommons

Kryivka is the most extraordinary venue in Western Ukraine. Being located in a basement, it is designed after a shelter of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army fighters. Walls are decorated with military ammunition and portraits of soldiers. Guests sit on wooden furniture and eat Ukrainian dishes from metal tableware. Along with local foods, you can try traditional homemade drinks like horilka (water and purified alcohol) and alcoholic infusions of berries, honey and spices. The restaurant is open around the clock.

3. Baczewski Restaurant

Restaurant, European

© vaidosa / Pixabay

Baczewski Restaurant conquers the attention of travellers as soon as they enter, as it brings them back in time to Lviv at the beginning of the last century. Baczewski not only pleases the eye, but promotes local traditions and acquaints people with the history of the city and, of course, Galician cuisine. The place is named after the Baczewski family, who established the world’s first factory of mass produced vodka in 1782 in Lviv. Hence, a glass of homemade vodka has become a signature drink at the restaurant.

4. Café Centaur

Restaurant, European

© Deror_avi / WikiCommons

Café Centaur is located in the heart of the ancient Lviv (Market Square) in an old house from the sixteenth century. The venue is named after the creature that was sculpted on the façade of the building. From eight in the morning until late at night, guests are welcome to enjoy a cup of fragrant coffee and a delicious breakfast. The restaurant also offers visitors dishes of traditional Ukrainian cuisine, cooked from local products. Order yourself borscht with salo (pork fat) and smetana (sour cream), then later try sweet pancakes for dessert.

5. The Most Expensive Galician Restaurant

Restaurant, European

© nat10100 / Pixabay

The name of this restaurant was established by locals for a good reason. The theme of the venue follows a mysterious Masonic society that occupies an apartment in an old building in the city’s main square. Masonic society or not, this place is considered to be the most expensive restaurant in Lviv, as the average bill reaches 1,000 UAH ($40 – £28.86). Yet, if you have a client loyalty card, the prices will be ten times lower.

6. Garmata Citadel Inn Restaurant

Hotel Restaurant, Wine Bar, European

© Daria-Yakovleva / Pixabay

Garmata Restaurant is part of one of the best hotels in Lviv called Citadel Inn. It offers everything you need to have a relaxing and romantic evening: exquisite interior, panoramic views through crystal-clear windows and fine Ukrainian dishes. The emphasis is on dishes cooked on the grill, but breakfast is served as well. Don’t miss a chance to taste their luscious signature syrniki (cottage cheese pancakes). In addition, visitors can sample local wines in the restaurant’s wine cellar.

7. Fashion Club

Restaurant, European, Japanese

© celuevskaya / Pixabay

Surprisingly, the late night venue Fashion Club is where guests can try the greatest manifestations of Ukrainian cuisine. The menu has a wide range of traditional dishes, from salads like vinaigrette (a mix of cooked vegetables) to golubtsi (stuffed cabbage rolls) and vareniki (dumplings). The venue is open 24/7 and also has breakfast, lunch and dinner options. It is a perfect spot to drop in for a hearty meal and a dance late at night.

8. Galushko

Restaurant, European

© Ivan Bandura / WikiCommons

The homely restaurant Galushko is a destination for true connoisseurs of authentic Ukrainian cuisine. It is the only place in the city that has preserved the traditions of cooking on the stove. Thus, the taste and consistency of traditional borscht is richer; the sugar topping on syrniki (cottage cheese pancakes) hardens into a glorious crust; and ham hocks are slowly smoked until they fall off the bone. At Galushko you’ll find fresh homemade bread, baked in accordance with an old recipe. The magic doesn’t stop there, for dessert, you can order Galician and European favourites.

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