The Most Stunning Natural Reserves in Ukraine

Sunset from top of Hawk's Eye Rock|©Ryzhkov Sergey/WikiCommons
Sunset from top of Hawk's Eye Rock|©Ryzhkov Sergey/WikiCommons
Photo of Maria Sibirtseva
16 January 2018

The natural reserve fund of Ukraine numbers 20 reserves and 11 national natural parks. These territories honourably occupy a third of the country, some protected by UNESCO. To learn more about the beauty and diversity of Ukraine, check out the list of the six most stunning parks and plan a visit during your next trip.


Natural Feature

Since 1985, Askania-Nova was recognized and protected by UNESCO. However, it was founded in the beginning of the 19th century. The biosphere reserve is a territory on the south of Ukraine, where the entire complex of living and inanimate nature is protected and studied. There 800 animal species as well as a huge variety of birds, ranging from ostriches to flamingo. The main feature of the park is that its land has never been cultivated by a man. Askania-Nova is a place to spot the pure beauty of untouched nature.

Carpathian Biosphere Reserve

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The Transcarpathian region has the most impressive landscapes in the whole Ukraine. One of the must-see places is Carpathian Biosphere Reserve. You will be delighted with crystal clear lakes, dense green forests and amazing sunrises and sunsets. Valley of daffodils, located there, is a romantic natural wonder one can catch only once a year, in May. In addition, if you have always dreamed conquering the top of a mountain, try your best at the highest spot in Ukraine. The peak of the Mount Hoverla reaches 2,061 meters (6,761 feet).

East Carpathian Biosphere Reserve

Natural Feature

East Carpathian Biosphere Reserve is located on the territory of three countries, namely, Ukraine, Poland and Slovakia. It consists of three national and three landscape parks that are protected by UNESCO. Such a disposition of the parks allowed to form a unique ecological complex in the heart of Eastern Europe. It ensures the preservation and reproduction of natural biodiversity and offers opportunities for travellers to marvel at the Carpathian landscapes.

Black Sea Biosphere Reserve

Natural Feature

Black Sea Biosphere Reserve is situated in the very south of Ukraine. It is a place with 180 species of birds and more than 80 species of fish. It has unique landscapes, large complexes of sand arrays and steppes that have turned into deserts. One day won’t be enough to discover the area. Thus, the best option is to settle in one of the villages of Kherson region for a couple of days and leisurely explore the Black Sea Biosphere Reserve.

Gorgany Nature Reserve

Natural Feature, Park

This stunning natural reserve has hidden in the mountains of Western Ukraine. Eighty percent of the territory is covered with pine forests that have been preserved in their original form. Flora of Gorgany Nature Reserve has more than 450 species. The Carpathian peaks vary from 710 meters (2,329 feet) to 1,754 meters (5,754 feet) above sea level. Some parts of the reserve are difficult to access because of very steep slopes and stony placers. For this reason, Gorgany Nature Reserve is mostly visited for the research and cognitive purposes.

Danube Biosphere Reserve

Natural Feature

There are a huge number of lakes, bays, channels and bogs on the territory of the Danube Biosphere Reserve. The waters of the Danube Reserve include more than 90 species of fish, plus dolphins and seals as well. Tourists coming to Southern Ukraine can rent a boat and enjoy views of wonderful white water lilies on the Danube Delta and also watch graceful pelicans hunt. Danube Biosphere Reserve is a place to be in harmony with nature.

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