The Best Co-Working Spaces in Kiev

Coworking hub
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Being a developing capital, Kiev welcomes not only tourists but many businessmen and startups. There are hubs with up-to-date facilities and equipment, 24-hour service and constant collaboration of up-and-coming pacesetters. Not surprisingly, the co-working culture is in high demand in Ukraine.

HUB 4.0

The location of the Hub 4.0 immediately conquers the heart: ancient and picturesque Podol area and numerous venues around. Space itself introduces the new concept by combining innovative and educational centres, co-working, a business incubator and conference area in one building. Hub 4.0 is a smart place with a wide range of modern office equipment, including computers, high-speed Internet and 100 of well-arranged workplaces.

Yaroslavskiy lane, 1/3, Kiev, Ukraine, +380504684040
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DataHub is a network of co-working places, that can be found all over Kiev. It offers locations that can be rented for a day, month or more and offers the option to use a printer, scanner, meeting room and a cosy kitchen with free snacks and drinks. The largest spot is situated nearby Shuliavska underground station, while a smaller co-working locale is walking distance from Palats Sportu.

Vadyma Het’mana Street, 1B, Kiev, Ukraine, +380676937477
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Platforma co-working space is a part of Platforma Art-Zavod, which is a home for Kiev street food festivals, concerts and parties. It works round the clock and has a large library, a buffet, workplaces, educational and lounge zones, skype-booths for private telephone calls, and even showers. It is most suitable for creative people willing to collaborate and stay inspired. In addition, the members of this co-working space have an opportunity to attend some events of Platforma Art-Zavod for free.

Bilomorska Street, 5, Kiev, Ukraine, +380443908827
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The co-working Sad (“Garden” in Ukrainian) is a unique smart space for startups, freelancers and true workaholics. The interesting aspect is that it offers not only the workplace, internet and buffet but also accounting and legal consulting services. The hub is named “Garden” for a reason: There are a lot of plants which fill the air with oxygen and influence the activity of residents in a positive way. In one’s free time, you can also partake in various events, lectures, workshops and courses.

Dovzhenko Street, 3, Kiev, Ukraine, +380995499250
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Happiness HUB

In the very centre of Kiev, one can be productive in the Happiness HUB. It is a co-working space, conference hall, as well as school of film-making and TV-production. The administration claims to provide the ideal conditions for work and leisure and offers all of the advantages of an office. In the open space, one can collaborate with other members of Happiness HUB. Moreover, you can ask for an account manager to supervise the project or arrange preparation of an event.

Pankivska Street, 14B, Kiev, Ukraine, +380445782889
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Tceh is more than just a simple co-working space, it is a network of international office hubs, operating in three countries: Ukraine, the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates. Unlike other spaces, Tceh is a co-working for already successful entrepreneurs. In Kiev, it is divided into three large working areas: meeting rooms, soundproof rooms, lounges and kitchen. For late-night negotiations, there’s a bar counter with a great view over the city. But the main advantage is the 24-hour access to all the events and the co-working itself.

Pymonenka Street, 13, Kiev, Ukraine, +380955000509
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Projector in Kiev is a popular venue for the most creative people in the capital. Primarily, it is a school of design training. It is also an open space and a co-working for experience exchange in the field of web-development. Having a pass to the hub, one can attend the Wake Up Design meetings in the morning, work hard during the day and participate in the workshops or discussions in the evening. Furthermore, it is located on one of the most mysterious and charming streets of the Ukrainian capital—Vozdvizhenska.

Vozdvizhenska Street, 34A, Kiev, Ukraine, +380734031214
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