The 10 Best Restaurants in Dnipro, Ukraine

Surprisingly, the industrial city of Dnipro boasts a large number of high-end restaurants. There are places for any preference, whether grilled seafood or signature desserts. Check some of these excellent restaurants in Dnipro.

Mishi Blyahera

Restaurant, Dessert Shop, European, $$$
Mishi Blyahera, Dnipro
Mishi Blyahera, Dnipro | ©RitaE

Mishi Blyahera is an antiquarian restaurant located in the basement of a central building. The venue is spacious and cosy, designed in muted tones. The key feature is the large piles of old books. As for the menu, it is updated every day, but mostly consists of the meat and fish dishes, as well as entrees and desserts.

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Cafe, Diner, Restaurant, Ukranian, $$$

Wondering which restaurant is the most expensive in Dnipro? It is a romantic and chic venue called Reporter. This is an ideal spot for a fine dinner for a couple of reasons. Firstly, the restaurant has two floors, which differ in design. Second, there are several menus: children’s, banquet, buffet and burger. Thus, everyone can order their favourite dish. This is a beloved local restaurant.

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Coast Restaurant & Lounge

Restaurant, Restaurant with Rooms, Mediterranean, Japanese, Seafood, $$$
Coast Restaurant & Lounge, Dnipro
Coast Restaurant & Lounge, Dnipro | ©PublicDomainPictures

Coast Restaurant & Lounge is an elite venue in the picturesque area of the city. Being located on the banks of the Dnipro River, it is considered to be a fashionable place. It specializes in Japanese cuisine and seafood dishes. You can also find soups, meat, side dishes, salads, and hot and cold snacks. It is an expensive venue, but the taste and the size of portions justify the price.

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Restaurant, Wine Bar, Ukranian, $$$

Restaurant Artist deservedly has a place among the best restaurants in Dnipro. It has three floors with varying menus. On the ground floor, there is the cozy cafe, the walls of which are decorated with the work of famous artists. The first floor has a charming winter garden with a large antique fireplace, where guests can enjoy a glass of fine wine and exquisite dishes. The third floor and summer terrace are the spots for business meetings with amazing views of the park.

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Diner, Restaurant, European, Italian, $$$
Felicita, Dnipro
Felicita, Dnipro | ©martinquijandria

The name speaks for itself, as Felicita serves Italian cuisine. Dishes here are cooked exclusively from natural products without the addition of vegetable fats, preservatives or essences. It was created in order to become a favourite restaurant for the whole family. The refined taste of the dishes, soulful atmosphere and homely interior make the place suitable for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

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Varburger Bar

Bar, Gastropub, Restaurant, American, $$$

Varburger Bar is aiming to break stereotypes, claiming that burgers can also be healthy. All ingredients, including the buns, are made directly in the venue and seasoned with the chef’s signature sauce. The unique taste of the burgers is perfectly combined with craft beer, cocktails and homemade infusions. The restaurant concept will help you relax and stop counting calories; along with the burger you also get a green salad.

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Le Grill

Diner, Restaurant, Grocery Store, European, $$$
Le Grill, Dnipro
Le Grill, Dnipro | ©Rosalinda222/Pixabay

Ukrainian supermarket chain Le Silpo has evolved far beyond a simple grocery shop. They have developed their own cuisine and have become one of the best places to get a delicious grill. They offer dishes from different regions of Italy, including fresh-made pasta from durum wheat flour, and fine alcohol. Thus, you can combine business with pleasure: have a good dinner, and later make the necessary purchases at the shop.

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Abazhur Restaurant

Restaurant, European, Italian, Japanese, $$$

Abazhur Restaurant is always a pleasant venue to meet with friends, enjoy quiet music and generally have a good time. Here, the chef cooks European and Japanese cuisine, as well as all kinds of snacks, which perfectly suit the extensive beer map. In the summertime, the restaurant offers its guests a special menu that consists of seasonal dishes. The service is also fast.

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Papa Karla

Restaurant, European
Papa Carla, Dnipro
Papa Carla, Dnipro | ©daniel4villamil

Papa Karla is a restaurant that will make you feel at home. Come with relatives and friends for a lovely dinner or small celebration, plus there is also a children’s area. The menu changes every season, but the emphasis is on homemade traditional Ukrainian cuisine. Outside, there is a terrace, where guests can sit in the warmer seasons.

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Puri Chveni

Restaurant, Georgian, $$$

This restaurant, serving Georgian cuisine, is always extremely crowded. You should book a table in advance to enjoy the delicious masterpieces here. The highlight is the Georgian customs, preserved int he preparation of dishes and the famous Georgian hospitality. The signature dish is khachapuri, a thin dough with melting cheese.

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