The 10 Best Cafés in Kharkov, Ukraine

© Lolame/Pixabay
© Lolame/Pixabay
Photo of Maria Sibirtseva
11 January 2018

If you’re a fan of cozy cafés, light snacks, and lovely chats with people, Kharkov should be your next destination. The city offers a huge choice of venue to spend time in and enjoy yourself. Here are the 10 best cafés that have a fair balance between price and quality of food and drinks.

ShowRoom BlackBerry

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It is impossible to bypass a café with incredibly beautiful and delicious desserts. In ShowRoom BlackBerry, all the cakes, sweets, jams, macarons, and snacks are made from real Belgian chocolate. There are some traditional dishes, but also a range of signature ones, which can for sure be called masterpieces. This is not surprising, because the venue was founded by talented Ukrainian restaurateur Dima Borisov, who also owns a lot of exquisite restaurants in Kiev and all over Ukraine.


Cafe, Israeli, Vegan, Vegetarian, $$$

As you have already understood, Kharkov is rich with various kinds of cuisines: Italian, French, Japanese, traditional Ukrainian, and much more. But the only place where you can try Israeli food is Mestechko. The prices are affordable and the food can be taken away. However, why not stay for lunch? The café always has a pleasant homelike atmosphere, and from morning to evening, kosher dishes are served to guests.


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Part of a chain of small cafés, Koffishka is quite popular in Kharkov. Here you can always find freshly roasted coffee and nice desserts or pastries to accompany your drink. Even the most demanding visitor will appreciate the professional approach to coffee preparation and friendly staff. In addition, there are signature coffee mixes from India, Peru, Colombia, and Tanzania, which you can drink on spot or buy in packages.

The Varenik

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One of the best places to taste traditional Ukrainian dishes is The Varenik. The venue specializes in handmade vareniki (stuffed dumpling) cooking. Here you can try Ukrainian dumplings with all kinds of fillings: sweet and salty and usually topped with smetana (sour cream). Moreover, the menu of The Varenik also offers a range of other local dishes, such as borscht, deruny (potato pancakes), traditional pancakes and, of course, salo (pork fat).

Dream Lounge Cafe

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Having entered Dream Lounge Cafe, you will escape the city bustle and have some rest. Just choose the table by the panoramic windows and you won’t be disappointed. The fascinating view opens on Pushkinskaya Street (one of the central streets in Kharkov). The menu of the café has everything: tasty burgers, pork steaks, and Italian risotto, as well as your favorite desserts. To get even more relaxed, order a hookah and enjoy yourself.

Baker 75 Street

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Baker 75 Street is part of a chain of confectioneries, each of which is unique and charming in its own way. When strolling the streets of Kharkov, you won’t be able to resist the fragrant smell of lush pastries and coffee. This place has not only sweets and cakes, but also classic French baguettes, buns, and salty pies. The welcoming atmosphere in Baker 75 Street is perfect for a lovely chat with friends while you slowly sip a cappuccino.

ZUZU brasserie

Brasserie, French, Coffee, $$$
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ZUZU brasserie, located in the very heart of the city, is definitely a favorite spot for locals. The menu consists of European dishes. The key feature of the café is the variety of freshly baked cooking: croissants, pizzettes, muffins, doughnuts, ciabatta, and more. A large choice of beverages offers different coffee mixes, milkshakes, fresh fruit smoothies, and tea, as well as a selection of American, Italian, Spanish, and Ukrainian wines.

Gastro Coffee Shop Barista

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Gastro Coffee Shop Barista is a romantic café situated in the old building of a hotel called Kharkov. The interior is cozy and minimalistic. Thus, it is not only a perfect place for family breakfast but also the right venue for a business lunch or even dinner with beloved. The coffee here is worth attention, too. So, even if you do not like strong espresso or simply black coffee, a latte with sweet syrup will make a good impression on you.

Bernar & Clea

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Bernar & Clea was made in the style of French bakeries. Here you can capture the ambiance of love and peace, listen to the light music in the background, and smell the scent of freshly brewed coffee and hot baking. On the menu, you won’t be able to find anything fat or unhealthy. Bernar & Clea serves delicious coffee, unimaginable desserts, healthy breakfasts, and green salads. In addition, the venue has an open kitchen, so you can follow the process of the preparation of the dish.

Meal service:

All Day


Casual, Open Kitchen

Lviv Handmade Chocolate

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As you might have already spotted, Lviv Handmade Chocolate is a legendary place that also can be visited in Odessa, Kiev, Lviv, and other large Ukrainian cities. Despite its name, it is a café where you can also have a hearty dinner and drink herbal tea, but the signature dishes are made of chocolate. You can order a cup of melted dark, white, or a mix of chocolates, sweets, cakes, and whole chocolate bars filled with nuts, seeds, or raisins, or just taste the plain ones.