The 7 Best Breakfast and Brunch Spots in Chernivtsi, Ukraine

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Maria Sibirtseva

Breakfast or brunch in Chernivtsi can easily turn into a small celebration. Just choose one of the best venues in the city, order a freshly-baked pastry, get a cup of your favourite morning beverage, settle into a comfy chair on the terrace or a warm indoor area and seize the moment. Here are 10 amazing breakfast and brunch spots where you can do just that.

1. Pansʹka Huralʹnya

Cafe, Restaurant, Ukranian

Panska Guralnya, in the very heart of Chernivtsi, offers authentic European, Romanian, Isreali and Ukrainian dishes. Thus, there’s a wide choice of breakfast options like scrambled eggs, croissants, omelettes, strudels and fresh juices. Its interior is decorated in the style of an old European restaurant from the early twentieth century. Just imagine the inspiring experience of an early breakfast in Panska Guralnya.

2. Naykrashcha Kavyarnya Na Rozi

Cafe, Coffee Shop, Ukranian

Naykrashcha Kavyarnya Na Rozi translates from Ukrainian as The Best Coffee Shop on the Corner. The venue has such a name for a reason. Here you can find one of the most fragrant and tasty caffeinated drinks in the city. Open from eight o’clock in the morning, the place also offers breakfast dishes like oatmeal, smoothies and sweet Belgian waffles for early birds.

3. Bar Shokoladnyy

Cafe, Ukranian


In the Bar Shokoladnyy, one can taste the dishes of Ukrain and Italy. Among drinks, you’ll find a special brand of cocoa with cardamom, coffee and tea. For breakfast, the venue offers delicious crepes, scrambled eggs and the signature dish: traditional Galician banush – smoked corn grits with fried pork fat and cheese.

4. Lviv Handmade Chocolate

Cafe, Ukranian

Breakfast and brunch options served at Lviv Handmade Chocolate will quickly become a guilty pleasure of yours. Like most Ukrainian venues, here you can try sweet traditional dishes like syrniki or nalisniki (pancakes with cottage cheese and raisins) topped with homemade chocolate and a mix of nuts. You can even pop in and get your breakfast to go, along with a cup of fresh coffee.

5. Schiller

Cafe, Ukranian

If you prefer sweet, rather than salty, food for breakfast, you will definitely like the original bakery and confectionery at Schiller. Among the drinks, the emphasis is on coffee beverages. For young visitors, there’s a children’s menu. The cafe also has a library with bestselling books and a lovely reading area, so you can enjoy not only breakfast, but also a favourite book.

6. Zucker Cafe

Cafe, Ukranian

Zucker Cafe is perfect for those who are addicted to coffee in the morning, as the drinks here are prepared according to the century-old Viennese recipe. Along with a cup of strong coffee, you can order fried eggs, pastries, cakes or syrniki for breakfast. Such a combination will boost your energy and lift your mood.

7. Lviv Croissants

Cafe, Ukranian

Chernivtsi is often compared to Paris because of its beautiful architecture and myriad coffee shops. So why not pretend you are in Paris and have a coffee and a croissant for breakfast? At the cafe chain Lviv Croissants, you won’t go hungry, as you can get not only plain croissants, but also pastries with different kinds of fillings. Thus, you can create your own tasty breakfast and enjoy different flavours each time.

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