9 Ukrainian Fashion Bloggers You Should Follow

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It has never been so simple to create an account on social media and become a blogger. And at the same time, it has never been so difficult to make your voice unique and significant among millions of users. Here are ten fashion bloggers from Ukraine who are the best at what they do and definitely worth following.


Daria Shapovalova

The blog of Daria’s Diaries is worth paying attention to for a range of reasons. First of all, Daria Sahpovalova is one of the most influential personalities in Ukrainian fashion, as well as business woman, journalist, and public activist. In addition, she was included in the rating of Forbes‘ #30under30 in the category of Arts. In her blog, Daria shares not only matters of style and good taste, but also events from her private life and insider information about the business of the fashion world.


Street style by Alyona Shum

Alyona Shum describes her blog with the words “fabulous people, interesting faces and gorgeous looks,” which is true. On the pages of the Blogspot diary, you can find features from Ukrainian Fashion Week with the most extraordinary and stylish visitors. All the photos are made in a street-style format, so the looks are vivid and engaging. Navigating the blog is a great opportunity to discover some great outfits and to make note of fashion trends.


Tina Sizonova

Those who are keen on polished fashion photos and perfect looks will be totally inspired by the blog, created by Tina Sizonova. Having been educated as a lawyer, she left that field to pursue a career in fashion, and it was the right choice. Her looks are scrupulously compiled, with leading photographers and famous brands lining up for another collaboration or project. Having run her website since 2012, she has earned a perfect reputation and thousands of followers. In addition, she is also director of the Ukrainian clothing brand ODA wear.


Sonya Karamazova

The blog of Sonya Karamazova is full of feminine and elegant outfits. It is a guide for women looking for answers in the realms of beauty, lifestyle, fashion, and much more. She shares the latest trends, gives tips on current sales and price reductions, makes lists of the seasonal must-haves, and thus makes the fashion lives of Ukrainian women easier and glossier.



Lera Kamenskaya

Looking for beauty and fashion advice? Then visit the YouTube channel or Instagram account of the Ukrainian blogger Lera Kamenskaya. She offers reviews of cosmetics, videos on seasonal hauls, and explains how to shop without spending all your savings. Moreover, she posts a lot of stylish outfits, so you can get a great deal of inspiration from her fashion solutions and look incredible even during the cold weather.


Ellena Galant

Ellena Galant is a fashion blogger from Odessa, who runs a YouTube blog about her personal style. The particular feature is that all her outfits are colorful, bright, and unexpected, no matter the season. In most of her videos, she suggests styles suitable for particular situations: whether you are wondering how to make your old white shirt take on a new look or planning a holiday wardrobe. Moreover, after watching some of Galant’s videos, it will boost your positive energy.


Margarita Muradova

It is extremely interesting to observe the life of personal shopper, stylist, and fashion blogger Margarita Muradova. She definitely knows the power of social media. So, you can follow her not only on YouTube but also subscribe to her Instagram account or personal website. She says her blog is about real fashion: everything is pure like green tea without sugar. Her blog is a harbor for those who consider fashion to be a lifestyle.



Alina Frendiy

If bloggers were limited only to Instagram accounts, we wouldn’t have had the opportunity to discover the whole variety of interesting things. With her numerous collaborations and giveaways, at her young age Frendiy is a true professional in what she is doing. She has a showroom of Ukrainian designers in Ternopil (her hometown) and gives lectures and workshops on fashion blogging during media conferences. She has said that all her outfits are usually prepared in the evening, so she does not have to think about it in the morning rush. Makes sense, doesn’t it?


Leonid Martynchyk

This list of Ukrainian fashion bloggers concludes with a man with excellent style and an insanely harmonious Instagram page. Leonid Martynchyk lives in the ancient city of Lviv and calls himself a “coach and Instagram consultant of the art of mobile photography.” He has given hundreds of workshops around Ukraine. He has collaborated with Elle magazine, Lexus Ukraine, L’Oréal, La Roche-Posay, Lancôme Ukraine, and other major brands. His photos are not just images with looks, but true masterpieces.


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