What You Need to Know About Türkbükü, Bodrum: Turkey's St. Tropez

Türkbükü Bay/Courtesy of Maçakızı
Türkbükü Bay/Courtesy of Maçakızı
Feride Yalav-Heckeroth

Türkbükü (or Göltürkbükü) is a small bay about an hour’s drive away from Bodrum’s city center, which is favoured by elite travelers both from Istanbul and abroad. Here you’ll find some of Bodrum’s best hotels, restaurants, and beach clubs that cater to a sophisticated crowd with high budget tastes.

Where to Stay

1. MAÇAKIZI BODRUM HOTEL & Luxury Otel & Luxury Düğün & En İyi Restoran, Muğla

Hotel, Boutique Hotel

MAÇAKIZI BODRUM HOTEL & Luxury Otel & Luxury Düğün & En İyi Restoran, Muğla
Courtesy of Maçakızı

Nestled perfectly into the bay’s lush Bougainvillea bushes with beautiful views over the whole bay, Maçakızı is certainly one of Türkbükü’s most luxurious hotels. Modern yet simple, every detail from the jet set inhabited private beach, to the fine dining restaurant, to the minimally decorated breezy rooms are in harmony with Türkbükü’s burgeoning summertime essence.

2. Divan Bodrum, Bodrum


One of the first openings in Türkbükü, Divan Hotel continues to attract the well-to-do travelers with its modern design and its famed restaurant and patisserie. Set under the shade of palm trees, the hotel’s private beach, terraced rooms, outdoor pool, spa, and tennis courts, offer an all inclusive experience focused on luxury and comfort.

Where to Eat and Drink

If you’re staying at Divan or Maçakızı, their restaurants are excellent choices for both breakfast, lunch, and dinner. However, for a change Türkbükü’s other restaurants are also worth a try. Make a reservation at Miam to sit right by the sea and enjoy excellent seafood and meze by candlelight with a cold bottle of Turkish white wine. Right next door, Garo’s is also an excellent choice for fresh fish and meze, with a view of the moon shining over the sea. If it’s late in the evening and you feel like a hefty Turkish snack, then drop by Hoca’nın Yeri for the famous mantı or çiğ börek that is made to perfection.

Miam: Menemene, A,, Atatürk Cd. No:51, 48400 Bodrum/Muğla +90 252 377 56 12

Garo’s:Göltürkbükü Mahallesi, 83. Sk., 48483 Bodrum, Muğla +90 252 377 61 71

Hoca’nın Yeri: Göltürkbükü Mahallesi, 48400 Bodrum, Muğla Province

Türkbükü Bay/Courtesy of Maçakızı

Where to Swim

During the day all of Türkbükü’s restaurants and bars turn into beach clubs, with sunbeds on the small piers over the water and all day eating and drinking services. Of course some beach clubs are better than others, especially if you really want to mingle with the best of the bay’s sophisticated crowd. Even if you’re not a guest at Maçakızı, you can make use of the gorgeous private beach for a fee, including the excellent lunch buffet and a cocktail when the sun sets. Another great option is the No.81 Hotel, which also has a beautiful beach during the day, set under the shade of large white umbrellas overlooking the turquoise hue of the sea.

No. 81 Hotel: Bağarası Mah., 104. Sk . No:6, 52400 Bodrum, Muğla +90 252 377 61 05

Courtesy of Maçakızı

What to Buy

Right before and past the small bridge located next to Divan Hotel, you’ll come across a large open bazaar selling colorful souvenirs, jewelry, and textiles. However, one of our favorite shops in Türkbükü is İpekçe, which specializes in clothing, jewelry, and home accessories with an ethnic aesthetic. Make sure to try on one of the beach kaftans – a favorite among the high end Istanbul crowd.

İpekçe: Göltürkbükü Mahallesi, İnönü Cad. No:63, 48483 Bodrum, Muğla +90 252 377 61 55

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