Top 10 Restaurants In Gaziantep, Turkey

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Gaziantep is one of Turkey’s southernmost cities. It has a long history that dates back to 4000 BCE. There are plenty of sites and structures worth exploring here including remnants of the ancient city Zeugma, several mosques, bazaars, a Turkish bathhouse, and a handful of inns. Gaziantep is one of the best places to experience the quintessential elements of Turkish culture, and the cuisine serves as no exception. Here are the top 10 restaurants to try in Gaziantep.

1. Metanet Restaurant

Restaurant, Turkish, Fast Food

Metanet Restaurant serves up a myriad of different beyran soups, a popular dish in southeastern Turkey. Beneath the surface of the garlic flavored, red broth you will find rice and shredded lamb meat. Be sure to order some handmade Turkish flatbreads to dunk in the spicy dish. If the soup is too hot for your palette, you can temper it with a bit of yogurt. It may come as a surprise that beyran soup is most commonly eaten for breakfast. Get there as early as you can bear waking up because Metanet gets busy, especially on weekends.

2. Orkide Pastaneleri

Patisserie, Turkish, Fast Food

Orkide Pastaneleri is your one stop shop for Turkish baked goods as well as katmer, custards, and other desserts. Orkide Pastaneleri, which translates to ‘Orchid Patisserie’ in Turkish, is a contemporary space that offers an aesthetically distinct departure from the more traditional, barebones restaurants of Gaziantep. There is also outdoor seating available on the terrace. Orkide Pastaneleri is a nice breakfast spot for anyone looking to satisfy their sweet tooth. Breakfasts also come with savory items like fresh cheeses, olives, marinated vegetables and bread.

3. Boğazköy

Restaurant, Chinese, Fast Food, Turkish

Boğazköy is a stunning restaurant decorated in more modern Turkish décor that offers international fusion food. In addition to various Turkish fare the menu includes things like Asian-style salmon and noodles, Caesar salad, burgers, steaks, and lasagna. For dessert, the chocolate cake with berry compote and fresh cream is quite delightful, and the peach soufflé is another crowd pleaser. The interior of the restaurant has the feel of an outdoor terrace because there are live saplings inside, faux windows and roofs lining the wall, and Turkish lanterns hanging from above. Really, the ambiance alone makes this place worth visiting.

4. Aşina Restaurant

Restaurant, Turkish, Middle Eastern, Halal

Aşina offers a bountiful array of Turkish food ranging from kebabs, ali nazik with stewed lamb and eggplant puree, creamy yuvalama soup, and lahmucin to sides like stuffed dates, simit bread, stuffed grape leaves, and much more. This is a wonderful place to try several shared dishes with family and friends. The interior is neat and relatively upscale. Expect excellent service from the wait staff that is uniformly in black slacks and crisp white dress shirts. The waiters are also quick to offer recommendations if you’re feeling stuck.

5. Culcuoglu Et Lokantasi

Restaurant, Turkish, Halal, Fast Food

Located in the city center and a short walk from the notorious Gaziantep Castle, Culcuoglu Et Lokantasi is a restaurant with a warm and vibrant interior, and there is an enormous tree growing through the center of it. Beyond the unique setup, you will find casual Turkish eats including kofte and chicken kebabs, lahmucin, and homemade kanafeh, a kind of sweet cheese-based pastry made with rosewater, all served in generous portions. Each meal comes with complementary fruits. Culcuoglu Et Lokantasi has a pleasant family atmosphere and dishes that surpass expectations.

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