The 11 Best Coffeeshops in Eindhoven, the Netherlands

Cannabis © pixabay
Cannabis © pixabay
Like all other larger Dutch cities, Eindhoven features many licensed coffeeshops that are allowed to distribute weed, hashish and edibles. Even though most of these coffeeshops gravitate around the city’s historic centre, there are a number of other establishments that are slightly further afield but are nonetheless still worth visiting due to their ambience and strain selections.


Unlike most coffeeshops in the Netherlands, Meetpoint opens well before noon at 9:00 a.m., which means smokers can hang out or pick up before starting their day. Meetpoint also stocks many potent strains of cannabis, including White Widow.

CasaBlancha Koffieshop

This down-to-earth coffeeshop lies around fifty metres due south of Eindhoven’s world-renowned Philips football stadium, which means that it’s among the best places in the city to pick up some cannabis before or after PSV games. There’s always a decent selection of strains, even as pre-rolled joints, available inside.

Coffeeshop Cool

Coffeeshop Cool sells several varieties of cannabis and maintains a welcoming ambience. The coffeeshop is located outside Eindhoven’s city centre on Barrierweg.

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The Wall

The Wall opened its doors in 1991 and has been selling cannabis ever since. There’s a pool table inside, and the whole bar is decked-out in psychedelic decor.

De Bakkerij

De Bakkerij is a staple of Eindhoven’s stoning scene and is located on one of Eindhoven’s main nightlife strips, Stratumseind. Aside from cannabis, there’s also a pinball machine and dart boards inside.

Coffeeshop de Highlander

Coffeeshop de Highlander is a cannabis dispensary on Bosboomstraat. It doesn’t have a smoking room and only sells cannabis for home consumption.

Coffeeshop Euro-Garden

Coffeshop Euro-Garden sells a large variety of high-quality strains at affordable prices. The Coffeeshop’s located just outside Eindhoven’s historic city centre and is therefore within walking distance from many popular attractions including Anne Frankplantsoen or Van Abbemuseum.

De Blob in Eindhoven's city centre © pixabay

Coffeeshop High Times

This popular coffeeshop resides around two kilometres away from Eindhoven’s city centre and is renowned for its varied selection of high-quality strains. There’s also a pinball machine inside.

Indian Coffeeshop

Indian Coffeeshop’s smoking room is equipped with several televisions as well as a pool table making it perfect for long stoning sessions. The coffeeshop sells several popular strains.

New Wave

New Wave smoking area is decked-out in comfy sofas and features several flat-screen televisions. The coffeeshop is very central and located near to many bars and other coffeeshops.

Coffeeshop Pink

Coffeeshop Pink sells everything commonly associated with the cannabis industry in the Netherlands, including the particularly potent ‘space cookies’. The coffeeshop is well known for its welcoming ambience, fast-service and excellent strains.