The Top 10 Things To Do And See In Basel

Sophia Karner

Basel is one of Switzerland’s cultural hotspots that has a wide variety of activities on offer for its visitors. From the city’s major tourist sights, such as the Basel Münster, as well as inventive museums, like the paper mill museum, to creative activities, such as a ghost tour of the town, Basel promises a successful trip for all ages. Read below for our pick of the top ten things to do and see.

Boat on the Rhine

1. Visit Basel Münster


Rittergasse Switzerland
The Münster, a glorious cathedral, is Basel’s main landmark and attracts thousands of tourists every year. The impressive cathedral, mostly known for its red sandstone walls and colorful roof tiles, was built on a hill overlooking the Rhine River. This gives visitors not only the opportunity to see one of the most outstanding architectural masterpieces in Switzerland but also to enjoy a fantastic view over the Rhine river. The Münster continuously works on its offers for its visitors to cater for different age groups and interests. With this in mind, the Münster has recently launched a special audio guide that was created by teenagers for teenagers.

2. Visit the Basel Paper Mill Museum


ypewriter at the Basel Paper Mill
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The Basel Paper Mill Museum is a unique combination of exhibition and production workshops, housed at the authentic venue of the Galician Mill, a medieval paper mill in the city. This makes the Basel Paper Mill Museum one of the last remaining museums in all of Europe that has maintained the authenticity and long-standing tradition of paper production. Along with its fascinating exhibitions of the history of paper production, writing, and printing, Basel Paper Mill Museum also offers creative workshops on ancient writing as well as courses focusing on the art of paper manufacturing.

Explore Basel’s Altstadt

The best way to explore the old city center of Basel is by foot. The Historical Basel Tour will guide you along with all the major sights in the city and give you the chance to explore the hidden gems of Basel. Visitors will be lead through over 2000 years of history and find out everything there is to know about all of the important steps the city has taken through its time. This is a great way to make the most of an afternoon in Basel and familiarize yourself with the city’s culture in a short amount of time. Guests will be guided by locals, who are always happy to give useful advice on outstanding restaurants and bars.

Go to the theater

Every successful trip to Basel should include a visit to one of the city’s fantastic theaters. The Theatre Basel showcases an eclectic mix of opera, ballet and theater performances, including Tweje, the ballet of Richard Wherlock. The Musical Theater Basel offers a diverse range of high-quality theater productions, such as Disney’s The Lion King and The Beauty and the Beast. Other events include the theater classic My Fair Lady, as well as The Phantom of the Opera. Both theaters represent the best of Swiss, international arts, and culture and are definitely worth a visit.

Hamlet, Theater Basel

Go on a ghost walk tour

Visit Basel offers ghost walk tours through the city that give visitors the unique chance to explore Basel in a very different light. At night, Basel shows its dark side and creatures that are invisible during their day come to life after midnight. Basel’s dark and twisted past can be explored and visitors can see the city’s main sights differently during these tours. This is a great way to explore the city in a unique way, but beware, it will get spooky.

Basel at night

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