The 10 Best Breakfast And Brunch Spots In Västerås

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Västerås is a Swedish coastal city, located next to the Lake Mälaren. Explore the area and bask in the beautiful nature of this town, situated 110 km from Stockholm. Discover the 10 best breakfast and brunch spots in Västerås with our below guide and see where you can try the best seafood and try toast skagen, the famous Swedish snack.

Björnögården I

1. Björnögården

Restaurant, Coffee, Tea , Vegetarian

Björnögården restaurant is a charming place, located on the picturesque island of Björno. The restaurant has a rustic interior, with a large open fireplace in the center. The brunch menu changes daily and includes a daily dish, salad buffet and coffee or tea. The brunch is served until 2pm. The daily dish can be with meat or fish, while the vegetarian option is the same over the week. Finish your meal with delicious homemade pies and cakes. Check out the special weekend menu.

2. Vivaldi

Restaurant, Seafood, Vegetarian

Toast Skagen
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Vivaldi is located in the Gallerian shopping center. This cozy cafe and restaurant is best known for its create-your-own-salad option, offering around 50 fresh ingredient options for your unique salad. Choose between pasta with pesto, sun dried tomatoes, shrimps, crayfish, mozzarella and roasted chicken. Besides salads and grilled sandwiches, you can taste Vivaldi’s famous baked potatoes with different toppings, such as tuna, chicken or avocado.

3. Nya Hattfabriken

Restaurant, European, Swedish

This vibrant restaurant is located in a former hat shop. The atmosphere is warm and cozy, with interior combining aspects of a French bistro and American diner. White and orange checkered floor, with red wooden benches in booths and a light wooden bar create a lively environment. The menu includes traditional Swedish dishes, such as whitefish roe on toast and Wallenbergare veal patties. Try traditional lunch menu, composed of toast skagen with lemon and dill, alongside pork loin stuffed with lemon and herbs with beets and chard.

4. Varda

Restaurant, Swedish

Located on the main street in Västerås, Varda is an elegant restaurant with a warm atmosphere. Varda invites you in with its brightly lit interior, dark wooden furniture and smell of freshly cooked food. The brunch menu is different by the day and always served until 2pm. Try their various potato dishes, with berry chutney, seafood, roasted vegetables or mango yoghurt. If you want to try Swedish food, order kräftskagen, a small snack with prawns and other ingredients on a piece of bread. Västerås cannalside I © Magnus/Flickr

5. Brasserie Stadsparken

Restaurant, European, Swedish

Next to the Västerås city park and alongside Svartån River is the charming and relaxed restaurant Brasserie Stadsparken. The interior is brightly lit, with floor to ceiling windows, a wooden floor and simple furniture. Enjoy a lovely breakfast and stunning view of the park and river, perfect for people-watching. The brunch menu changes daily and includes a daily dish, soup or salad, dessert, coffee and juice. The daily dish is meat or fish based and can include sandwiches or pasta.

6. Systrarna Ericssons

Bakery, Pastry Shop, Pastries, Dessert

Västerås Cathedral
© Fred J/WikiCommons
This cozy and charming bakery was opened in 1930s by two sisters, Lisa and Greta Ericsson. Today, the bakery is owned by twin sisters, who took over the bakery in 1994. The bakery serves handmade bread, cakes and pastries. Enjoy in a wide selection of different breads and pastries, with a cup of tea or delicious coffee. The brunch menu includes soup, pasta and pizza dishes and is available until 2pm.

7. Brynolf Bagare

Bakery, Dessert

Brynolf Bagare is a family owned bakery, famous for delicious bread, pastries and sandwiches. The bakery is located in the city center, not far from Västerås cathedral and city library. The brunch menu includes a cold buffet with fresh sandwiches, sandwich-cakes, stone-oven baked bread and pastries. Sandwich cakes are small, bite sized pastries, usually made with seafood. Try the tasty pastries, such as the Parisian waffle with butter cream filling, the small blueberry pie or the Carl Gustav pastry, named after the Swedish king.

8. Öhrmans Konditori

Bakery, Cafe, Restaurant, Dessert

Lake Mälaren
© Acp-commonswiki/WikiCommons
Opened in 1920s, Öhrmans Konditori is an old bakery house. The restaurant offers a breakfast buffet every day between 7am and 10am, where you can create your own breakfast. For a quick morning snack opt for the small breakfast menu, which includes a cheese roll, glass of juice and tea or coffee. Larger breakfast selections include fresh or grilled sandwiches, freshly baked bread and pastries, cold cuts and yoghurt with mueslis, honey and fresh berries. Combine your food with healthy smoothies and freshly squeezed juices.

9. Saluhallen Slakteriet

Market, Vegan, Vegetarian

Saluhallen Slakteriet is a market hall, which specializes in locally produced food of high quality. Walk around the stands and explore a multitude of tastes. Mix and match your breakfast or late brunch by stopping at bakery stalls and fish, meat and vegetable stands. Pause the exploration for a refreshing cup of tea or coffee at the Kaffe Kheket and finish your meal with a delicious cake from Ampan’s chocolate house. Check the calendar for updates on Slakteriet’s food themed events.

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