The 10 Best Restaurants In The Stockholm Archipelago

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Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, is often intriguing to many tourists who want an excursion away from the busy urban areas. However, many of them don’t realize that the outskirts of the Swedish capital are also impressive. One of these suburban areas is the Stockholm Archipelago, which has more than 30,000 islands, and is only 20 minutes away from Stockholm city. Here, we help you explore some of the best restaurants in the area.

1. Vaxholms Hembygdsgards Café

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Vaxholms Hembygdsgards Café, Sweden
Vaxholms Hembygdsgards Café is a petite cafe located next to the water, where you can have an amazing view of the nearby lake while you are enjoying your lunch. The cafe serves fresh shrimp and shrimp salad. With carefully selected music playing in the background, this cafe creates a memorable and cozy dining experience.

2. Husmor Lisa Fine Home Dining

Restaurant, Swedish, Fast Food, Street Food

Looking for a homely and warm dining experience? Husmor Lisa Fine Home Dining is the perfect spot. The restaurant prides itself in providing a home dining experience, and for bringing the freshest local produce to the table. The chef uses the most traditional Scandinavian methods of food preparation, such as drying and smoking fish. Slow food is served in this restaurant, and this allows guests to appreciate the homely ambiance.

3. Fejan Archipelago Restaurant

Restaurant, European, Swedish, Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten-free

The island of Fejan
© Jukka/Flickr
True to its name, Fejan Archipelago Restaurant gives you an authentic Swedish experience. Decorated with dark wooden furniture and white cloths, the restaurant preserves the materials used in Nordic architecture and design. What’s exciting about this restaurant is that the outdoor seating area is on the water, where you can have an amazing view of the river. The chef in this restaurant is an expert in preparing fish, so this is a pescatarian’s paradise.

Bistro Kastellet Minbaren

Have you imagined dining in a historic castle? Bistro Kastellet Minbaren makes for a regal dining experience. The restaurant is located in the Vaxholm Kastell, on an outlying island. The bistro serves food from various international cuisines, suiting all tastes. For meat lovers, this restaurant offers a grill buffet. From lamb to steak, there will be something for everyone.
Kastellet, S-185 99 Vaxholm, Sweden, Vaxholm 185 99, Sweden, +46 854133361

4. Strandnära, Öregrund

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Located in the heart of Öregrund Island is Strandnära Öregrund. The restaurant has an amazing view of the waters and the other side of the coast. The chef’s expertise is smoke-cooked food, which is a classic Scandinavian preparation technique. Smoked salmon and seafood are the signature dishes offered in the restaurant. Strandnära Öregrund also mixes a signature cocktail for their guests. The bartender combines spirits with local Swedish herbs, giving the guests a true taste of Nordic drinks.

5. Restaurant J


Restaurant J
© Let Ideas Compete/Flickr
Restaurant J is situated along the Nacka Strand, and is in close proximity to the water. This restaurant uses bright and marine themes for its decoration, reminding their guests of the historical significance of the Stockholm Archipelago. The restaurant serves American cuisine alongside fresh seafood. The lobster dishes are exceptional, as the fresh tastes are effectively brought out by the chef’s sophisticated food preparation techniques. As the restaurant is usually crowded, make sure you reserve your table in advance

6. Skepparholmen Nacka Restaurant

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Among all the islands in the Stockholm Archipelago, Nacka is the most accessible of them all, by boat or public transport. Skepparholmen Nacka Restaurant is one of the best restaurants on this island. The restaurant gives you a breathtaking view. Serving only local and organic food, this restaurant’s menu has your health in mind. The chef has considered the balance between proteins and carbohydrates through a system called Blood Sugar Secure Conferencing, to keep you healthy all the time.

7. Utö Värdshus Restaurang


Sitauted on the island of Kymmendö, Utö Värdshus Restaurang was once a mining office, and the interior decorations are remnants of that time. To further enhance your dining experience, the restaurant opens the outdoor patio for seating in summer, and sets up a fireplace in the winter. Herring and baked goat’s cheese are the most popular choices in this restaurant. The bar in this restaurant offers a wide selection of wines and spirits, which is perfect for a relaxing meal beside the Nordic sea. Utö Värdshus Restaurang © Greger Ravik/Flickr

8. Restaurang Litchi Garden

Restaurant, Chinese, Swedish, Vegetarian

Established 45 years ago, Restaurang Litchi Garden is a Chinese restaurant in the north of the island of Nynäshamn. The decoration is simple, but it is the food that makes this restaurant intriguing. The mastermind behind this restaurant hails from Hong Kong, which is strongly influenced by the Cantonese culinary culture. The restaurant offers Tsing Dao beer, which is very popular among the Chinese. Spring rolls and satay sauce chicken are must try dishes in Litchi Garden.

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