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Learning Swedish can be a daunting task. Thankfully, with the powerful tools of the internet, learning a language has become easier and more accessible than ever before. With YouTube, however, you’ll be able to hear correct pronunciation from native Swedish speakers and you’ll be saying sjuksköterska like a pro in no time.

Eko Languages

If you’re a fan of podcasts, this might be the YouTube channel for you. Eko Languages has a wide variety of videos for users to listen to when wanting to learn a new language. Their video, ‘Learn Swedish When You Sleep,’ focuses on the most important phrases and words that you need to know when wanting to perfect the language. What’s even better is that it’s eight hours long – a perfectly long amount of time if you’re wanting to listen to something while asleep.

Katrin Berndt

Want to learn the language at a slower pace? Well, look no further than with Katrin Berndt! Katrin, otherwise known as Kat, is a YouTuber that has videos on a wide variety of topics – depending on whatever she wants to talk about per video. However, she also has a mini-series on her site that focuses on learning the Swedish language with specific topics. She has some funny and random-topic videos such as ‘Practice Your Swedish: Nursery Rhyme Sing-Along‘ and ‘Practice Your Swedish: Around the Apartment’. In addition to these videos, she also has an additional channel that is dedicated entirely to helping individuals learn the language, which is called Katrin Berndt SWE.

Learn A Language in Your Sleep

If you’re interested in learning more than just one language, then Learn A Language in Your Sleep could become the channel for you. With videos that are over two hours long, this channel is a great way to get passive practice with your language of choice. The video focuses on ‘1000 Expressions in Swedish,’ so if you’re interested in relaxing and listening to the sweet sounds of the Swedish language, this is the video for you.


This one sounds like an obvious choice, but LearningSvenska is a great YouTube channel to use when wanting to learn the language for the first time. LearningSvenska takes basic topics and phrases and turns them into two- to five-minute videos on the channel. One of the more interesting videos it has is one called ‘Learning Swedish (Lesson 14) Twenty Short Quotes.’ It is common to have videos of the basic phrases, the alphabet, and whatnot when learning a new language for the first time, but it’s quite something to have a video dedicated to different short quotes.


One of the more adorable YouTubers, Nackagubben loves all things Sweden and Scandinavia! He has tons of videos that regularly have Swedish included in it and he is very conscious that many of his followers may not be from Sweden or know the language. Two of his videos that you should watch if you’re wanting to learn is ‘Can I Really Speak Swedish?’ and ‘Swedish Words Most Swedes Mispronounce‘. So, if you want to listen to a Swede who’s funny and loves all of Scandinavia, Nackagubben is the one for you!


This might seem like an unconventional YouTuber to follow, but with PewDiePie being one of the most popular YouTubers of all time (and a Swede), he does occasionally post videos about Sweden and speaking in his native tongue. The following videos that you should check out are: ‘Learn Swedish Swearwords’ and ‘Useful Swedish Words that You Should Know‘. These videos might not be the most appropriate (or have the most appropriate words to know about), but nevertheless, it’s a way to learn more casual words. If you’re feeling up to it, you can even watch PewDiePie try flipping languages with his fiancee, Marzia, who is Italian.

Swedish Pod 101

If you’re looking to study in a more ‘serious’ setting, look no further than Swedish Pod 101. A variety of native speakers will greet you warmly and take you through different lessons in different videos. There are a variety of playlists for you to go through, depending on your level of knowledge of the language. For example, there are different playlists called ‘Swedish in 3 Minutes’ and ‘Swedish Listening Comprehension for Advanced Listeners‘. The speakers are knowledgeable, friendly and speak slowly for easy comprehension. So no matter what level you are at, Swedish Pod 101 is a great resource for learners of all levels

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