The Best Running Routes in Malmö, Sweden

Malmö is a great city for running | ©Kullez/Flickr
Malmö is a great city for running | ©Kullez/Flickr
Malmö is a city that likes to get active and that means there are plenty of great running routes throughout the city. Whether it’s jogging by the sea or taking a more urban route, you’re going to love throwing on the trainers and working up a sweat. And remember: Swedes run no matter what the weather, so don’t let a few snow flakes stop you from getting out there. Here are the best running routes in Malmö.


With 45 hectares of open spaces as well as slightly more woodsy areas, Pildammsparken is a gorgeous place to run near the centre of Malmö. You can run near the lake or through gardens filled with colourful flowers and sculptures, stimulating almost all your senses as you make your way. There are a few colour-coded paths, with the longest coming in at around 3km, as well as an open air gym.

Running Malmö

Pildammsparken is a magical place to run | ©dfritzon/Flickr


Known locally as ‘Ribban’, Ribersborgsstranden is where city exercise enthusiasts go to run, walk, cycle and soak up some rays. There are plenty of benches and some gorgeous piers, and if you get bored with running try your hand at one of the water sports practiced down here, such as wind surfing.
Run in Malmö

“Ribban” is a very popular place to run in Malmö / Photo courtesy of Wikipedia Commons


One of the most diverse areas of Malmö, Möllevågen is a colourful neighbourhood. If you start by running through Folkets Park before hitting the city pavement, you can get a good 5-6km in as you circumnavigate the neighbourhood, ending up back at the park.  The best part? If you get hungry or thirsty this is one of the best places in the city to grab a bite.

Run Malmö

Begin an urban run at Folkets Park in Malmö / Photo courtesy of Wikipedia Commons


Lundavägen is a very long street that begins at Värnshemstorget, extending northeast towards the municipal boundary with Lund. The road is between Malmö and Lund and is one of the oldest roads in the area. Newer roads have replaced it in importance, but that just means more room for running.

Malmö running

The old road connecting Lund and Malmö is a great place to run / Photo courtesy of Wikipedia Commons

Malmö – Trelleborg

If you’re really up for a challenge try the Malmö to Trelleborg route, which will keep you putting one foot in front of the other for around 70km.  That may sound like a lot but nearly the entire route is along the coast, which means you can drink in the beauty of southern Sweden while you really push yourself.

Running Malmö

Grab your trainers and hit the pavement in Malmö / Photo courtesy of Wikipedia Commons

Use this handy map to run Malmö: