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The 10 Best Restaurants In Stockholm
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The 10 Best Restaurants In Stockholm

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Sweden offers a beautiful, creative culinary experience. Stylish locations provide a great variety of traditional and modern cuisine, always made with fresh ingredients. Having dinner in Stockholm may be a stellar experience if you know the right places to go. Enjoy this updated list of the best restaurants in town.
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Nook is the right place to taste an international fusion coking experience. Claes Grännsjö was born in Korea and the guests can appreciate the influence of this Asian cuisine on his delicious creations. The menu offers Korean blood sausage, as well as the traditional Swedish dishes like Torskrygg, ägg, sardeller, parmesan, gröna ärtor (cod with egg, sardines, parmesan and peas). Diners can choose set menus or individual dishes, though relying on the exquisite taste of the chef would be an appetizing idea.

Address & telephone number: Nook, 176 Åsögatan, Stockholm, Sweden, +46 8 702 12 22

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Gondolen has the most spectacular view of Stockholm, world-famous chefs, first rate service, great Swedish food and extremely fine wines. Its cafe is famous for the Hemingway cocktail, and the cuisine of the restaurant is sublime. The menu can comprise raw salmon with herbs, roast beef with white asparagus and a traditional Sweden dessert made with biscuits and fruit syrup or a multi-layer chocolate cake. The food and the views here are an absolute joy to the eyes and the palate.

Address & telephone number: Gondolen, 6 Stadsgården, Stockholm, Sweden, +46 8 641 70 90

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Restaurant Frantzén

Located in the Old City of Stockholm, Gamla Stan, this two-Michelin-starred restaurant represents the Scandinavian gastronomic innovation. The chef Björn Frantzén offers a combination of the best of Swedish and Japanese cuisine, using local and seasonal ingredients. One of his most known dishes is satio tempestas, that is made with 46 ingredients all coming from the restaurant’s garden. Regarding food creations as works of art, Restaurant Frantzèn has only 19 seats, as all the efforts are focused on offering the diners an authentic gastronomic journey.

Address & telephone number: Restaurant Frantzèn, 21 Lilla Nygatan, Stockholm, Sweden, +46 8 20 85 80

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Den Gyldene Freden

This is a Guinness World Records dining spot, as it is the world’s oldest restaurant with the same surroundings. Since 1722, Den Gyldene Freden’s kitchen has been cooking traditional Swedish cuisine, including smoked reindeer, meatballs and herring. With 150 seats, the dining room actually resembles an 18th century Swedish tavern. High ceilings, long wooden tables, soft lighting, wooden floors, allow the guest to feel the history of the ancient Stockholm and appreciate the smells and tastes of the traditional strong and intense flavors of Swedish dishes. The service is attentive and friendly and the beautiful kitchen in the lower floor is completely visible.

Address & telephone number: Den Gyldene Freden, Österlånggatan 51, Stockholm, Sweden, +46 8 24 97 60

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Grilling has never been so surprising. Here everything can be barbecued with five different techniques: wood oven, rotisserie, smoke, charcoal and table grilling. A large rotisserie in the dining room grills everything from chicken, lamb, pork, fish and seafood to a premium selection of steaks. Even the desserts are grilled. A surprising interior that has colorful and playful decorations provides the option to dine in eight different themed rooms, where guests can enjoy their dishes in the Grill’s version of the Orient Express or in the magnificent Versailles or in the Moulin Rouge. There is also a large bar that serves international cocktails and a small stage for live music performances.

Address & telephone number: Grill, 89 Drottninggatan, Stockholm, Sweden, +46 8 31 45 30

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Who would not appreciate dining in a restaurant that has inspired the greatest creatives? Prinsen is a cultural establishment that has been visited by many artists, authors, directors and travelers since 1897. Books have been born here. This bohemian restaurant celebrates the classic Swedish kitchen like the famous meatballs served in a sauce of stock, cream, jelly and port wine with lingonberries, pickled cucumber and potato purée. Dining here is an amazing experience: poetry nights, dancing, music and guest appearances in the kitchen.

Address & telephone number: Prinsen, 4 Mäster Samuelsgatan, Stockholm, Sweden, +46 8 611 13 31

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Oaxen Krog & Slip

On February 2015 Oaxen Krog received its second star in the Michelin Guide. This culinary treasure was located for several years on a remote island outside Stockholm. The founders, Magnus Ek and Agneta Green, only recently decided to move Oaxen Krog, the fine-dining version, and its sister bistro, Slip, to a more accessible waterfront position in the city. Oaxen Krog uses the wild herbs on Djurgården, its kitchen requiring unique ingredients, sustainable agriculture and humane animal husbandry. Since 2007 one of the classic dishes of Slip is the pig’s head with its crispy outside and juicy meat.

Address & telephone number: Oaxen Krog, 26 Beckholmsvägen, Stockholm, Sweden, +46 8 551 531 05

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Råkultur is the no-reservation sister restaurant of the famous Esperanto, a Michelin star winner. The man behind this success is Sayan Isaksson, the Thai/Swedish chef that decided to create this Japanese/Nordic fusion restaurant. Located in a former theatre entrance hall, Råkultur serves amazing sushi, combining Japanese skills with Scandinavian products, like maki rolls with autumn mushrooms or grilled Korean beef and pear salad, but also offering other specialties such as scallops, fish roe and grilled duck hearts.

Address & telephone number: Råkultur, 2 Kungstensgatan, Stockholm, Sweden, +46 8 696 23 25

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Ever since 1961, Operakällaren has been responsible for all catering to banquets and dinners at the Royal Castle, and the haute cuisine by Stefano Catenacci has been rewarded with the first Michelin star in 2014. The elegant ambience is achieved courtesy of gilded oak paneling, sparkling chandeliers, and impressive geometrical wood-paneled ceiling. The guest can choose from fine dining in the exclusive Main Dining Room, Casual Dining at The Hip Pocket, or modern home cooking at the Opera Bar. Among the fine dishes, mention-worthy is the tortellini filled with brisket of beef and foie gras, served with beef bouillon and black perigord truffle.

Address & telephone number: Operakällaren, Operahuset, Karl XII:s torg, Stockholm, Sweden, +46 8 676 58 00

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Lilla Ego

Lilla Ego is led by two award-winning chefs, Daniel Räms and Tom Sjöstedt, that, together with their team, are focused on Swedish dishes with unique interpretations. For instance, the kitchen offers the ‘non-classic pork tartare’, colorfully served with red beet purée and a crispy coat of fried sausage. Another specialty is the crispy duck breast with variations of pumpkin and yellow beets. The tiny dining room has an open view of the kitchen, and the evening’s menu is handwritten on big white sheets.

Address & telephone number: Lilla Ego, 69 Västmannagatan, Stockholm, Sweden, +46 8 27 44 55