Malmö’s Best Contemporary Art Galleries: Profiling Swedish Culture

Rebecca Steel

Malmö is home to several large, internationally acclaimed visual art venues, such as the Malmö Konsthall Art Museum and the second Moderna Muséet in Sweden. The city’s art scene can certainly rival that of nearby Stockholm, as it also boasts a rich variety of smaller galleries, showcasing a diverse range of genres. From artist-run photography spaces to commercial ventures specializing in Nordic art, these are nine of Malmö’s best contemporary art galleries.

1. Breadfield


Exhibition by Espen Dietrichson – Variations on a dark city
Photo by Tony Kristensson | Image courtesy of Breadfield Gallery
A new arrival on Malmö’s contemporary art scene, Breadfield was established by artists as a project exploring the many different facets of photography. In addition to hosting exhibitions, it encourages discussion of this genre via guest lectures and the publication of its own magazine. Breadfield organizes around six shows a year, providing a shop-window for contemporary photography from around the world. Artists like Swedish-born Nina Bacos have contributed to its thought-provoking exhibitions, such as A White Woman’s Photographic Travel Journal. In this show, Bacos exhibited images from her global journeys, highlighting the subjectivity of racial, sexual and gender-related constructions. The gallery also provides a photography bookshop and a framing service.

Signal Center for Contemporary Art

Run by a group of artists and curators, Signal Center for Contemporary Art presents many possibilities surrounding ‘the production, presentation, discourse and promotion of contemporary art and culture.’ Past shows have been as diverse as David Douard’s installations exploring the idea of the ‘living dead’ and Andreas Mangione’s drawings and sculptures reflecting upon the act of listening. Signal Center for Contemporary Art also hosts talks and film screenings, which are sometimes linked to its exhibitions. Furthermore, since 2004, it has been the home of a useful archive featuring portfolios, catalogs and film material relating to artists based in the south of Sweden.

Signal Center for Contemporary Art, Monbijougatan 17H, 211 53 Malmö, Sweden, +46 40 97 92 10

Courtesy of Singal Center for Contemporary Art

2. ”Fotogalleriet


Fotogalleriet [Format]

Since 1983, Fotogalleriet [Format] has been displaying photographic art and documentary photography in Malmö. The volunteer-run gallery acts as a forum for photography and uses its many years of experience to curate shows of a high standard. Such exhibitions include Johan Rosenmunthe’s installation featuring birds-eye images of Manhattan and Carla Åhlander’s poignant photographs that capture the absurdity of human existence. If required, artists can use a darkroom run by the gallery, a feature that has become rare since the onset of digital technology. Fotogalleriet [Format] also organizes photography courses for all abilities and events such as poetry readings.

Fotogalleriet [Format], Friisgatan 15B, 214 21 Malmö, Sweden

© Malin Zederfeldt | Image courtesy of Fotogalleriet [Format]

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