10 of Stockholm's Top Fishing Spots

Stockholm is a great place for fishing
Stockholm is a great place for fishing |  © Bengt Nyman / WikiCommons
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One of the things that makes Stockholm such a unique and wonderful city is the fact that is built on 14 different islands. Each island has a different feel and vibe, with leafy Kungsholmen very different to historical Gamla Stan, and hipster Södermalm contrasting with glamorous Östermalm. It also means that there are some fantastic places to go fishing. These are 10 of the best.


One of the most amazing things about fishing in Stockholm is that you can do it right in the centre of the city. There are plenty of stunning spots outside the centre, but it is hard to beat the view at Stromgatan. From the side of the water here you can see over to the Swedish parliament building, as well as to stunning Gamla Stan and the Royal Palace there. If you go to fish, you are unlikely to be alone, as it is a very popular spot, especially as you don’t need a licence to fish here. If you are looking for a relaxing spot, this may not be the best choice, but if you want to get your catch while watching the hustle and bustle of the city, it is perfect.

The view from Stromgatan


If you still want to feel the city centre buzz, but don’t want somewhere quite as busy as Stromgatan, Skeppsbron might be the ideal place. It is on the island of Gamla Stan and is right by the water. The view across the bay and over to the island of Skeppsholmen is lovely, and there is an abundance of different fish in the water and spots along Skeppsbron where you can fish. During the Middle Ages, Skeppsbron hosted the city’s largest fishing market, so it is no surprise that it remains a popular place for this activity today.

Skeppsholm is utterly beautiful

Lundgrens Fiskredskap

Lundgrens is not strictly a place to fish, but it is a very important shop for anyone hoping to fish in or around Stockholm. It has all the equipment you could ever want or need, as well as staff who are knowledgeable and helpful about all things to do with fishing in Sweden’s capital. The shop has been in Gamla Stan since 1892, dispensing information and equipment, and even features a sculpture of a fishing boy that was displayed at the Stockholm fair in 1897. You can feel the history as soon as you step into the shop.

Lundgrens fishing supplies

Hammarby Sjostad

In the south of the city is Hammarby Sjostad, once a place that was known for its factories, but which has since become one of Stockholm’s coolest neighbourhoods, especially owing to the craft brewery there, located in an old lightbulb warehouse. The area’s name means ‘Hammarby lake city’ and refers to the fact that it is fully surrounded by Hammarby Lake, along which you can find a number of top fishing spots. The area can easily be reached by bus if you hop off at Sickla Udde bus stop.

Hammarby Sjostad is right by the water


Right in the south of the city, at the end of the green line on the metro, is Farsta Strand, a small suburb featuring a Buddhist temple. It is mostly known for its proximity to Lake Magelungen, which is a beautiful lake right at the edge of Stockholm. There are plenty of places to set up for the day. This location is ideal if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, but still want to be able to hop on the metro and be back in the city centre in less than half an hour. If you want to take a break from fishing, there is an outdoor swimming pool that is very popular in summer.

It is hard to believe Magelungen is right by the city


The city is not the only place in Stockholm to fish: many people come to Stockholm to explore the archipelago, and one of its most visited spots is the island of Vaxholm. Vaxholm features an island fortress, which is a very popular tourist attraction and one that many people travel to. There is a company based on the island called Catch and Relax, who can organise excellent tours around the island based around fishing where you can catch pike, perch, sea trout and more. They can even do chartered trips where you pick the route.

Vaxholm is very charming


Just to the north of the city is the beautiful Ringsjon Lake. It is a relatively small lake, but still large enough that it has plenty of fish and lots of space to find a spot to hunker down for the day. It is a real favourite of people looking for rainbow trout and whitefish. If you want to fish there, you will need to get a licence. It is a short drive from Stockholm, and driving is by far the easiest way to get there. If you want to fish in a very quiet spot surrounded by beautiful nature, this is a great pick.

Dragsjon Lake is very relaxing


Drevviken is another out-of-town lake, and one that is looked after by a team of committed and driven fishing lovers, who form the Drevviken & Langsjoen fishing association. They are passionate about creating an environment around the lake that respects nature, is sustainable and makes it a great place to fish. If you want to fish in Lake Drevviken, you can obtain a licence from the association. They can also help give you tips and any information you need about the lake or the area around it.

A charming little lake


The island of Galo in the Stockholm archipelago is utterly stunning. It feels totally cut off from the rest of the world; an island paradise with lovely walking routes, various different wild animals and most importantly, great places to catch fish. It is the kind of place you see on the front of a brochure, with a campsite that is always popular with families in summer. The island has a ranger whom you can get in touch with to discuss getting a fishing licence, as well as to get advice on where and at what times to fish.

A charming fishing house

Stockholm Fishing

Stockholm fishing is a tour guide company who can organise bespoke fishing tours in the area or can take you on one of their tried and trusted routes. You can fish with them for a full day or a half day, and they will take you out into the archipelago to spots they know will yield a good return. It’s a great choice if you are a beginner as they will provide lessons and help you to learn and develop your skills. If you don’t want the hassle of finding a spot, Stockholm Fishing can give you the ideal experience.

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