The Best Shops in Old Town Santiago De Compostela

Shops in Santiago de Compostela | ©Alquiler de Coches/Flickr
Shops in Santiago de Compostela | ©Alquiler de Coches/Flickr
Spain’s Santiago de Compostela in Galicia is a great place for shopping, especially the quaint streets of its Old Town where you can pick up some fantastic artisanal goods. Whether Acibechería Street, where you’ll find jewellery made from jet, or Praza das Praterías, home to silverware, our shopping guide has it all.

Amboa & Maeloc

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Amboa & Maeloc, Santiago de Compostela
Amboa & Maeloc, Santiago de Compostela | ©Amboa & Maeloc
Amboa & Maeloc is a gift boutique specialising in ceramics from around Spain, where you can buy everything from small figurines to larger decorative pieces. The shop also sells handmade jewellery, made from jet (azabache in Spanish), a black mineral stone which has been used since the times of the ancient Egyptians and Romans. The stone is believed to act as an amulet protecting the wearer, especially pilgrims who have walked the Camino de Santiago.
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Joyeria Ramón González Orfebres

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Medallón de Azabache, Galicia
Medallón de Azabache, Galicia | © Luis Lafuente/WikiCommons
Located in the Plaza de Feijoo, this small jewellery store has been open since 1951. It too specialises in the jet azabachegem stones and sells a range of beautiful pieces, which make a unique gift for a special someone.
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If you want to pick up a range of traditional Galician food products to take back home with you, then make a stop at Seco. They stock everything here from hams and chorizo to local cheeses, jams and honeys. They also sell bottles of wine and Galicia’s famous orujo liquor, which is distilled from grape skins.

Rúa das Ameas, Santiago de Compostela, Spain, +34 981 58 33 60

Artesanía Gallega Rosa Fandiño

This small shop specialises in Galicia’s tradition of needlework and embroidery, which is becoming increasingly rare to find in the modern era. At María Rosa Fandiño Dopazo’s however, you’ll be able to browse a whole range of these intricate textiles, from detailed trims through to larger pieces.
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Sargadelos is Galician’s celebrated ceramic brand, which has been around since 1806. Step inside and you’ll find a beautiful and colourful shop, filled with everything from bowls and plates to traditional Galician figurines. The shop also sells a range of fun and bright ceramic jewellery and textiles.
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Zamo Tamay

Art Gallery
Art gallery
Art gallery | © poverss/Pixabay
If you truly want to bring back something unique from Santiago, then what could be better than an original painting or sketch from a local artist? Zamo Tamay is a charming little gallery, where you’ll find a range of unique artworks on sale, from watercolours to sculptures, photographic prints and oil paintings.
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Casal Cotón

This cute deli has a few shops in the city and is a great place to both buy and try some of Galicia’s most traditional produce. Local and family-run, it’s a great place to pick up a tarta de Santiago – the region’s delicious almond cake, as well as Tetilla cheese. Various types of regional wines and liquors are also on sale.
Lugar de Mourentan 38, Santiago de Compostela, Spain, +34 981 88 82 46