7 Things They're Wearing in Madrid This Spring

Robert Verino shows some one shoulder, floral looks on Madrid's spring runway | © Roberto Verino/Foto Ugo Camera
Robert Verino shows some one shoulder, floral looks on Madrid's spring runway | © Roberto Verino/Foto Ugo Camera
Photo of Lori Zaino
21 April 2017

If you’re planning a visit to Madrid this spring, you’ll want to make sure you’re right on trend. Plan to pack some of the items below and you’ll fit right in. Or you can always go shopping in Madrid to pick up some of these stylish pieces.

One Shoulder/Off Shoulder

As the weather warms up, expose those shoulders! Anything with a drop-shoulder or off-shoulder style (both shoulders or just one) is trending this season in Madrid. If you’re worried about your shoulders getting cold, just continue reading and you’ll get to the layering tip.

White Sneakers

Stilettos be gone! The gym shoe trend is one of the best ones out there this spring, as you’ll be stylish and comfortable at the same time. While any sneaker will suffice, the whiter, the better.

White sneakers can be spotted all around Madrid | © SPERA/Flickr


Spring in Madrid is often extremely warm during the day and quite chilly at night. Layers are the way to go to ensure you’ll be warm enough in the early morning and late evening but can peel off some outerwear when the midday sun gets hot. Be creative with your layering just as the Madrileños are.


While denim is always in style, this season, wide-leg, flared denim and the trust skinny jean are the way to go in Madrid. Men can also participate by cuffing their denim or trying a skinny jean (guys, just don’t go too skinny, please).


Scarves never go out of style in Madrid. As spring nights can often get a little windy, covering your neck can help keep you cosy. Depending on the weather, you’ll see anything from chunky knit scarves to delicate silk pashminas. The good news is, pretty much any scarf will do the trick, and if you forget one, you can pick one up just about anywhere here in Madrid. This trend is also great for men, who can add a scarf to spice up a basic outfit.

Even men are wearing scarves in Madrid | © Hernán Piñera/Flickr


Right alongside the gym shoe trend, athleisure is huge around the world, not just in Madrid. But what does this even mean, exactly? Well, take some track pants and pair them with a cute top, or a baggy sweatshirt combined with some sleek skinny jeans. Pairing athletic wear with non-athletic wear (yes, it sounds weird, but Rihanna does it, so we will too) is the idea here.


It’s not rocket science: spring makes everyone want to wear flowers on anything and everything. So pick up a floral dress, scarf, even pin a daisy in your hair. Anything flowery works.

Some floral looks by Madrid designers Jorge Vazquez and Miguel Marinero | © IFEMA/Foto Ugo Camera

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