24 Photos That Prove Slovenia Is a Nature Lover's Paradise

Tolmin Gorge│©Shevchenko Andrey/Shutterstock
Tolmin Gorge│©Shevchenko Andrey/Shutterstock
Slovenia is known for its natural beauty. Lakes, rivers, forests, and mountains all over the country make this nation on the sunny side of the Alps a popular destination for visitors from all over the world. Here are 24 photos that prove Slovenia is a nature lover’s paradise.

Soča River

Soča River│ ©Dani Vincek/Shutterstock

Velika Planina Plato

Velika Planina Plato│ © Niksy/Pixabay

Bled Lake

Lake Bled│ ©zkbld/Shutterstock

Piran Sea Salt Pans

Piran Sea Salt Pans/ ©Ubald Trnkoczy│Courtesy of Piran Municipality

Mura River

Mura River│ © Miran Hojnik/Flickr

Island Otočec on the Krka River

Island Otočec on Krka River│ © János Korom Dr./Flickr

Gorišnica countryside

Gorišnica countryside│ © WikiImages/Pixabay

Russian chapel in Vršič

Soca River│ ©Woloha/Shutterstock

Hops fields in the Savinja Valley

Hops field in Savinja Valley │ © Steven Ball/Courtesy of Steven Ball

Martuljek Forest

Martuljek Forest│ © Ales Krivec /Shutterstock

Vineyards in Bizeljsko

Vineyards in Bizeljsko│ © tpsdave/Pixabay

Mill on the Mura River

Mill on the Mura River│ © Lacen/WikiCommons

Planina by the Lake

Planina by the Lake│ © PavleMarjanovic /Shutterstock

St. Lovrenc

St. Lovrenc│ © ZoRRo79/Flickr

Spring of the Krupa River

Spring of the Krupa river│ © Uroš Novina/Flickr

Green Slovenia

Green Slovenia│ © NaNaWe/Pixabay

Ljubljana Marsh

Ljubljana Marsh│ © semperidem 2007/Flickr

Vogel in the winter

Vogel in the winter│ © By Fesus Robert/Shutterstock

Raised path near Kobarid

Vogel in the winter│ © By Fesus Robert/Shutterstock

Autumn vineyards

Autumn Vineyards│ © Gorupka/Flickr

Landscape in Bela Krajina

Landscape in Bela Krajina │ ©Uroš Novina/Flickr


Storžič │ ©Xseon /Shutterstock

Alpine ibex in Slovenian Alps

Alpine ibex in Slovenian Alps│ ©Foto Matevz Lavric /Shutterstock

Winter morning in Slovenia

Winter morning│ ©tpsdave/Pixabay