You Can Now Drink Clear Coffee

Colorless coffee is now a reality. © Clear Coffee
Colorless coffee is now a reality. © Clear Coffee
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Freelance Travel Writer18 November 2017

Attention, coffee affectionados! You can now enjoy your favorite beverage in a whole new way. Tired of the teeth-stain caused by regular coffee and looking for something ready to drink which provides a natural boost and yet is low in calories, David Nagy created clear, transparent coffee. When you see a bottle, it looks almost like water. We interviewed Nagy to learn more about how this exciting and innovative new coffee product was born.

The need for colorless coffee

Nagy and his brother are both heavy coffee drinkers and have enjoyed drinking the beverage from a young age. But they felt frustrated by the tooth discoloration they experienced from regularly drinking normal coffee, and they wanted the same caffeine boost without this negative side effect. “There was nothing on the market what would suit our needs and therefore we decided to create our own. Because of our hectic lifestyle we want to have a refreshing ready-to-drink coffee,” explains Nagy. Clear Coffee came about due to the Nagy brothers’ own desire for such a drink.

Clear Coffee is a whole new way to enjoy your favorite beverage | Courtesy of Clear Coffee

No chemicals needed

The Nagy brothers developed a physical processing procedure to turn normal brown coffee into a transparent beverage which doesn’t include any chemicals. “We use only freshly-roasted, high-quality Arabica beans that give our product a very specific taste profile. Our product doesn’t contain any preservatives, stabilizers, added aromas, sugar, or sweeteners,” says Nagy. So what you are drinking is coffee without any additives; just with a change of color due to a proprietary production method which took the brothers more than a year to develop. “The exact production process is a secret,” explains Nagy, who will only reveal that this type of processing is new to the coffee industry and has never been used before.

Arabica beans and caffeination

Consistency in strength and flavor of their coffee is very important to the Nagy brothers. As such, they get their coffee “from a roastery located in Prague, Czech Republic. The blend we use is their own, but it was a perfect match for us. They help us to maintain the quality and consistent taste profile,” says Nagy. The caffeine level of Clear Coffee is similar to a double espresso or a French press. The brothers recommend to drink Clear Coffee chilled.

Clear Coffee is best served chilled, not warm | Courtesy of Clear Coffee

Clear Coffee is sold all over Europe

Amazon distributes Clear Coffee throughout the European continent, but the Nagy brothers are always working on expanding into new markets. “Our product is doing well in Europe and we already entered the South Korean market. Clear Coffee should also be available in the UAE and USA very soon,” says Nagy. The brothers are based out of Kosice, Slovakia. They don’t have their own retail space yet, but they would like to open a dedicated shop for Clear Coffee at some point in the future.

What is Clear Coffee like?

Nagy says many of his customers call Clear Coffee unusual, and he completely agrees with them. “I don’t think that it’s for everyone, but I do think that people should at least give it a try because it brings a new coffee experience,” he explains. If you’re as curious as we are, you can buy two 200ml bottles of Clear Coffee on Amazon for £8,49, or €11,99.

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