The 10 Best Restaurants In Trnava, Slovakia

Photo of Ivana Krenicka
9 February 2017

Trnava, or ‘Slovak Rome’ as it is sometimes referred to due to its wonderful historical sites and many charming churches, is a picturesque town in the west of Slovakia. Check out these delightful restaurants in town.

Trnava | © Miroslav Petrasko/Flickr

Quesadilla & Wok

This quirky bistro provides its customers with a multicultural experience. It provides an eccentric combination of Asian and Mexican cuisine fused together to create delicious healthy dishes. Quesadilla & Wok is run by two brothers who pride themselves in supporting local and regional produce and only using ingredients free of artificial additives. Thus, they serve their customers nothing but high-quality food made with love and care. A fun element added to their menus is the option of building an individual ‘wok’.


Leháro, which roughly translates to ‘a chilled lay-down’ is a beautiful cafe designed and decorated in the theme of the 1930s. Its glorious cakes and light toasted breads with a selection of homemade pâtés made with traditional Slovak cheese bryndza or with a garlicky punch are served on adorable antique cookware. A twist on the retro hot dog is their tasty vegetarian alternative. This comes with an onion-shallot sauce, dijon mustard and mature cheese. The vintage look is present throughout with precise detail. In addition, the welcoming atmosphere offers the ideal brunch spot.

Breakfast Plate | © Courtesy of Leháro Café Trnava

Na Mlyne

Na Mlyne or ‘On The Mill’ is a traditional Slovak restaurant attached to a hotel. It offers a wide range of various dishes. Most importantly, it has a selection of truly Slovak meals which cannot be missed when traveling the country. The classic dishes everyone has to try are bryndzové halušky (tiny potato dumplings in a cheesy sauce, served with crispy bacon on top) and a homemade cabbage soup. This soup is the essential dish for every Slovak family during Christmas, but which can be eaten all year round. This restaurant is tradition through and through – a genuine taste of Slovakia.

Naša Čarovňa

The name of the restaurant suggests a magical place, which indeed it is. Naša Čarovňa is original as it caters to vegetarians, showing that a diet without meat is anything but boring. Always offering new creative dishes combining zestful ingredients and serving fully loaded plates, there is no danger of leaving hungry. As well as vegetarians, Naša Čarovňa caters for celiacs. It welcomes anyone who is up for trying something new.


A classy cafe that goes way back, Thalmeiner dates back to the first republic and has a long history of being the central meeting point for everyone. Its sandwiches are simple and satisfying. They are served on fresh homemade bread with choices of ham, mozzarella, fresh salad or tuna. Of course, there’s also the option the traditional Slovak cheese, bryndza – made out of sheep milk. This restaurant never disappoints and offers a charming historical experience in a modern setting with a jazzy feel.

Thalmeiner Design | © Courtesy of restaurent

U hladného býka

Slovaks have a soft spot for South American/Mexican cuisine. U hladného býka has a warm South American theme and serves delicious steaks and barbecue style dishes. Located in an old cellar that has been refurbished and turned into a restaurant it offers a pub-like atmosphere which is typical of many Slovak bars and restaurants. With menus in English it caters for international travellers, not only with its services but also with a wide range of innovative interpretation of steaks that won’t disappoint.


Ofsajd, or a play on the English word ‘off-side’ is a football-themed restaurant in the center of Trnava located on the town’s main street. It specializes in serving pizza but also provides customers with some more traditional dishes. One of these is goulash, a homely stew that warms you up on the inside and gives you a taste of Central Europe. This quirky restaurant has a fun vibe. Don’t forget to try out an extra meaty pizza called Gazdovská loaded with plenty of bacon, salami and onion – truly hearty food.

Sushi Ki

This sushi restaurant prides itself in innovative design and bringing East-Asian dishes to Slovakia. They call themselves a fresh restaurant – not only when it comes to food but also presentation as a whole. With affordable prices and a fun unusual atmosphere Sushi Ki has much to offer. Their elaborate design stems from its name – Ki in Japanese has many meanings, one of them being tree. The restaurant claims to love the combination of wood with modern particles. What’s not to love?

Sushi | © kana hata/Flickr


Avenue is a classy looking professional restaurant that serves delicious high quality food. Grilled salmon, lamb medallions, beef steak and duck breast – simple but wonderful. Though not one of the cheaper options it is a gastronomical experience worth the price. Avenue has cozy ambience indoors with a lovely soft design throughout. To top it all off, there’s a beautiful terrace to soak in the surroundings. With a cheeky glass of wine in hand, what’s more to ask for from a relaxed dinner in Trnava?

Pizza Kitty

Fancy Italian? Everybody knows wherever you go you can find a restaurant with its own special take on the authentic Italian cuisine that is so popular all over the world. Pizza Kitty is no exception – pizza, pasta, they have it all. As well as that they serve all sorts of fried goodness. The service is in the style of a buffet and looks absolutely delicious.

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