The 8 Best Coffee Shops and Cafes in New Belgrade

Kafeterija is one of many great cafes in New Belgrade
Kafeterija is one of many great cafes in New Belgrade | © Kafeterija

New Belgrade is the most populous part of the entire city, which is pretty impressive when you take into account its total lack of existence a century ago. It takes plenty of coffee to fuel that mass of people, and Novi Beograd has a fine collection of cafes waiting to be enjoyed.

1. Aviator Coffee Explorer

Cafe, Contemporary

There are a number of Aviator spots throughout the city
© Aviator Coffee Explorer

Aviator may be a coffee chain, but don’t let that put you off. This isn’t a sterile conveyor belt like many cafe chains, as Aviator goes out of its way to provide a truly genuine and enjoyable coffee experience. There are six locations throughout the city, and if its popularity is a sign of anything, then there may be more coming soon. With great coffee, an amenable atmosphere and friendly service, what more could visitors want from a coffee spot?

2. Mašta

Cafe, Contemporary

A relaxing coffee in the sun
© Mašta / Facebook

Low hanging lights and an effortless cool are just two of the things working in Mašta’s favour. The Blok 29 spot is the place to go for the most chilled of afternoons. However, the coffee is of sufficient quality, so you may over-indulge and lose that whole ‘chilled’ thing. The outdoor terrace is a delight too, and is definitely the place to head if you’ve imbibed a little too much caffeine. Not that we ever have — nope, absolutely not.

3. Boutique Trojka

Cafe, Contemporary

Drink coffee with the beautiful people at Boutique
© Boutique Trojka / Facebook

It might be the coffee hangout of the beautiful people, but the third location of Belgrade’s famous Boutique cafe should not be avoided because of that. This is a slick modern hangout with plenty of character to boot, and what it lacks in charm, it more than makes up for with quality of drinks and efficiency of service. One of those two isn’t so common in Belgrade, so enjoy it while you can.

4. Kafeterija Family Cup

Cafe, Contemporary

Another no-smoking spot in Belgrade
© Kafeterija Family Cup / Facebook

It takes no small amount of chutzpah to open a non-smoking cafe in Belgrade, so the owners of Family Cup should be commended for that alone. They’ve also negated the self-imposed regional handicap by offering a fine array of coffees in a comforting location, ticking all of the boxes outside of the one marked ‘way too many cigarettes’. The art only adds to the positive feelings here.

5. Coffee Shop HQ

Cafe, Contemporary

A perfect place for getting some work done
© Coffee Shop HQ / Facebook

You have to be fairly confident to call yourself ‘Coffee Shop HQ’, so we can’t fault this spot on Španskih Boraca for its assuredness. While it doesn’t quite stand out as the best in the city, it is more than enjoyable, and a pleasantly down-to-earth spot in one of Belgrade’s business areas.

6. Pikanterija

Cafe, Restaurant, Contemporary

More of a restaurant than a cafe in the traditional sense, Pikanterija is a somewhat luxurious modern spot in Novi Beograd. It has all of the moody lighting and sleek design that you would associate with the terms ‘luxurious’ and ‘modern’, but manages to retain a sense of character along the way. The food is excellent, and the coffee more than stands up as well.

7. Kafeterija

Cafe, Contemporary

Kafeterija is one of many great cafes in New Belgrade
© Kafeterija

Older generations might not be overly thrilled, but the days of ‘white, black or frothy’ coffee are long gone. Caffeine is serious business, and coffee is undoubtedly now a craft. Kafeterija is one of Belgrade’s finest when it comes to brewing the beans, with a wide variety of coffees on offer. The chocolate croissants can only be described as ‘decadent’, although the chances are you’ll only be able to mutter an unintelligible seal of approval.

8. Laboratorija

Cafe, Contemporary

Minimalism is the name of the game here
© Laboratorija kafe / Facebook
Minimalism has been very much in fashion since the latter half of the 2010s, and with places like Laboratorija, it is easy to see why. Simplicity is the name of the game and with good reason, as the focus turns to the conversation and the quality of coffee being drank. The first of those is entirely on you, but the latter is more than taken care of by the excellent staff here.

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