The 7 Best Hotels in Subotica, Serbia

The magnificent atrium at Hotel Galleria
The magnificent atrium at Hotel Galleria | © Hotel Galleria /

Strategically located on Serbia’s border with Hungary, Subotica has long been an attractive day trip for those in the land of the Magyars or even visitors to Novi Sad and the wider Vojvodina region. The town known to the Hungarians as Szabadka deserves more attention however, so keep these hotels in mind when booking a day or two in town.

Hotel Galleria

Spa Hotel, Business Hotel, Suite Hotel
The magnificent atrium at Hotel Galleria
The magnificent atrium at Hotel Galleria | © Hotel Galleria /

Subotica is small enough that anywhere is within reach of the city centre, but there is still something to be said about a location in the very heart of the town. Hotel Galleria offers a whole lot more than just a good geographical position of course, and as you eat breakfast on the terrace with a gorgeous view of the city you’ll be thankful you chose to stay here. The rooms themselves are plenty luxurious, although there are spa and wellness facilities on hand should you need a little more opulence.

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Guesthouse Mali Hotel

Guesthouse, Apartment
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The name might translate as ‘Small Hotel’, but there is nothing paltry about the atmosphere and character of this place. A fine guesthouse in the city, Mali Hotel offers friendly service in a most comfortable setting, all wrapped in a blanket of cleanliness and professionalism. A little bit of everything is available here.

Vila Royal Crown

Business Hotel
Map View
Looks a lot like a castle, no?
Looks a lot like a castle, no? | © Royal Crown Subotica / Facebook

Located just outside the city centre, Villa Royal Crown lives up to its lavish name with a hotel that is as splendid as it is affordable. The hotel is aimed more towards business travellers, but those travelling for pleasure will be just as much at home in this spot. The breakfast is decent, the rooms are comfortable, the staff are a joy. What more could one want?

Hotel PBG

Budget Hotel
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Hotel PBG, Subotica
Hotel PBG, Subotica | © Hotel PBG / Facebook

While those staying on the fourth floor of this building might think it is in need of an elevator, Hotel PBG is a comfortable and enjoyable bed and breakfast in Subotica’s centre. The quality of the breakfast depends on how busy the hotel is, but the character of the hotel itself is never in doubt. Each room also comes with a TV, although is anyone still watching TV in hotels these days?

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  • Garni Hotel Palić Resort

    Resort, Hotel
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    Hotel Palic Resort, near Subotica
    Hotel Palic Resort, near Subotica | © Hotel Palic RESORT / Facebook

    Not exactly in Subotica itself, this spot is the perfect choice for those looking to get the most out of nearby Lake Palić. It isn’t the cheapest option in the area, but then since when has sleeping by a glorious lake been inexpensive? You get what you pay for, and in this case that’s excellent service, plush rooms and a location that is as tranquil as Serbia gets. The noise from the nearby zoo might be a bit too much for some, but is just as likely to add an extra ambience for others.

    Villa Maya

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    Stylish rooms at Vila Maya
    Stylish rooms at Vila Maya | © Vila Maya Subotica / Facebook

    Hotels in Serbia are places of extremes, where service is either non-existent or immensely personable. Villa Maya’s flag is planted confidently in the latter of those, an accommodation option just outside the centre of Subotica that makes up for its not quite perfect location with as much conviviality as any other hotel in the country. The rooms are stylish too, adding a certain hint of tradition to a most modern establishment.

    Villa Stefanija

    Budget Hotel, Hotel

    A kilometre or so from the city centre lies Villa Stefanija, a functional hotel that offers little in the way of frills but plenty in the way of efficiency and comfort. It isn’t going to go out of its way to make you its number one fan, but then the point is always going to be the sights and sounds of Subotica itself. Villa Stefanija ticks the boxes it needs to, leaving you to enjoy the city that it exists to serve.

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