The 7 Best Bars and Cafes in Kruševac, Serbia

Live music is the name of the game at Kruška Pab
Live music is the name of the game at Kruška Pab | © Kruška Pab

Don’t tell Niš or Kragujevac that we said it, but Kruševac may well be the best night out in Serbia (behind Belgrade and Novi Sad of course). The medieval capital has a decidedly modern vibe once the sun goes down, and there are plenty of great cafes waiting to cure the hangover on the morning after.

1. Kafeterija BUT

Cafe, Contemporary

The best Americano in Serbia
© Kafeterija BUT Kruševac

We generally try to stay away from hyperbole for fear of creating false expectations, but we’re happy to make an exception for Kafeterija BUT. In a country dominated by Turkish coffee, the Americano on offer here is truly unbeatable. BUT wouldn’t be out of place on the streets of Vračar or Dorćol, with its modern charm and convivial service. There is a lot to love, but we’ve never loved anything quite like that Americano.

2. Pastel

Bar, Bistro, Cafe, Restaurant, Contemporary, European, Italian, Mediterranean

Get ready for satisfaction at Pastel in Kruševac, Serbia
© Cafe & bistro Pastel

One of the most popular restaurants in town, Pastel also happens to be a wildly fashionable spot to get a coffee, cocktail, beer, or all of the above. This is the most stylish place in town, a contemporry European lounge bar in the very heart of Serbia. A good time is guaranteed, whether you are stopping for food or just a couple of drinks. Saying that, don’t order a coffee, cocktail and beer at the same time. That’s a bit mad.

3. Grizzly Cafe

Pub, Bar, Cafe, Contemporary

The bar at Grizzly Cafe in Kruševac, Serbia
© John Bills

A sentimental favourite at the end of Zakićeva, Grizzly is a genuine Kruševac institution. This is a ‘what you see is what you get’ sort of place, and what you see is dependent on how much you can see in the dark. You’ll more than likely be able to make out the giant bear, but don’t worry — it isn’t a real grizzly. There is no better place in Kruševac to rock up and plough through a few beers than good old Grizzly.

4. Arabika

Cafe, Contemporary

Grab a cup of the good stuff at Caffe Arabika in Kruševac
© Caffe Arabika

There is plenty of food and drink on offer here, but it is the coffee that keeps Arabika nestled near the top of the Kruševac popularity charts. As intimate as it is sociable, Arabika seems to be full at most hours of the day and so it should be, so don’t be put off by the struggle to find a seat. The service might not be the best in town, but everything else is absolutely top notch.

5. Jazz Club

Bar, Cafe, Contemporary

What do you expect from a place called Jazz Club? Quiet introspection? Jangly acoustic music? A dizzying array of shots? Of course not, you expect a down to earth atmosphere, plenty of smoke, and some fine jazz. Jazz Club in Kruševac doesn’t disappoint, and is as endearing with an afternoon coffee as it is with a beer and live music in the evening. It might not be as boisterous as once was, but it remains an integral part of life in Kruševac.

6. Basement Bar

Bar, Nightclub, Contemporary

A party atmosphere at Basement Bar in Kruševac
© Basement Bar

Located in the basement (obviously) of a building on Majke Jugovica, Basement Bar is one of the most raucous places in Kruševac once the night is underway. Live music is king in these parts, but there is still plenty of fun to be had if the stage is empty (however rare that is). It isn’t all about the subterranean either, as an outdoor terrace provides a fine location for a coffee in the afternoon.

7. Kruška Pab

Bar, Pub, Contemporary

The schedule at Kruška Pab is packed with live music
© Kruška Pab

Another gritty bar dominated by live music, Kruška Pab is guaranteed to be packed with folk at the weekend whatever the weather. It isn’t a million miles away from some of the more intimate music venues in Belgrade, but there remains something decidedly ‘Kruševac’ about this place. Anywhere willing to embrace the town’s pear-centric history gets a thumbs up from us as well.

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