The 6 Best Yoga Studios in Belgrade, Serbia

Stretching in the parks of Belgrade
Stretching in the parks of Belgrade | @ Yoga studio SaNamaste / Facebook

Yoga and Belgrade might not seem like obvious bedfellows, but the Serbian capital’s status as a modern European metropolis means there are plenty of options when it comes to the ancient Indian discipline. Yoga schools come and go in the White City, but these are the best of the best.

1. Wolf Yoga Company

Yoga Studio

Light stretching at Wolf Yoga
© Wolf Yoga Company / Facebook

The first hot power yoga studio in Belgrade, Wolf Yoga has quickly built a fantastic reputation amongst yogis in the Serbian capital. ‘Wolf’ and ‘yoga’ might seem like a contradiction, but the famous animal’s positive characteristics are almost certainly focused on at this studio in Dorćol. This is an excellent option for anyone looking for English language yoga in Belgrade.

2. Ashtanga Yoga Belgrade

Yoga Studio

Everything from beginners to experts at Ashtanga Yoga Belgrade
© Ashtanga Yoga Belgrade / Facebook

One of the most extensive schools in the city, Ashtanga Yoga Belgrade offers a variety of classes for everyone from beginners to masters. The courses on offer are meticulous to say the least, but then yoga isn’t a pastime for anybody in a rush. Those residing in former Yugoslav republics get a major discount, but money isn’t really the point. This is yoga for people looking to take it seriously.

3. Kundalini

Yoga Studio

The Kundalini crew gets its stretch on in Drvengrad
© Kundalini / Facebook

We should all be looking to live happy and healthy lives, and those are two of the aims of Kundalini studio just outside Vračar. The balance between body, mind and soul is of optimum importance, and 22 different kinds of yoga are on offer here. ‘Something for everyone’ seems like an apt way to describe Kundalini, but that isn’t to say the studio spreads itself thin. The experience is everything here.

4. Bihar Joga Klub

Yoga Studio

The Klub heads to the blocks every now and then
© BIHAR JOGA KLUB / Facebook

Authenticity is difficult to come by in such a varied discipline, but Bihar Joga Klub has committed itself to preserving the original teachings and ideas of yoga. Satyananda yoga (also known as Bihar yoga) is the name of this particular game, and this studio in Vračar offers that to all genders, ages, abilities and the rest. The inclusivity of yoga is particularly impressive here, and even the most nervous of beginners will find themselves moving towards spiritual awakening at BJK.

5. Ananda Beograd

Yoga Studio

Another yoga studio based in the popular neighbourhood of Vračar, Ananda Beograd focuses on practicing Kriya yoga above all others. This is one of the longest-running studios in the city, growing from a small number of enthusiastic meditators in the ‘90s to a veritable institution in the new century. The group has also branched out into publishing, offering another route into spiritual development for those who are interested.

6. SaNamaste

Yoga Studio

A little bit of stretching in the heart of the city
© Yoga studio SaNamaste / Facebook

It is difficult to discuss yoga in the modern age without the term ‘namaste’ coming into the equation, but any and all cynicism can be abandoned when it comes to SaNamaste. Located on Kralja Milana, one of the most famous streets in the city, group lessons make up the majority of the schedule, but individual classes can also be arranged. Vinyasa yoga is the dominant discipline, but this also varies.

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