The 10 Best Late Night Eats in Belgrade, Serbia

Well take two, thank you very much
We'll take two, thank you very much | © BurgerHouseBH

Belgrade has a proud reputation for being one of the nightlife capitals of Europe, a city in which to dance and drink the night away. You’d rightly assume there are plenty of late night food options, so no need to stumble the streets in search of something edible, simply follow our lead and all will be fine.

1. Loki

Food Kiosk, Restaurant, Turkish, European

24 hours a day, seven days a week
© Kosta Jordanovski / WikiMedia Commons

As you wander down Gospodar Jovanova in Dorćol, the smell of grilled meat will soon begin to make itself the known. What begins as a faint aroma will quickly become an overpowering smell, and the source of the scent will make itself known. Loki is legendary in Belgrade, famous for pumping out top quality grilled meat 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There are no frills, but who needs frills when the pljeskavica is this good?

2. Tel Aviv Hummus House

Cafe, Restaurant, Food Kiosk, Israeli, Middle Eastern

A daytime look at Tel Aviv Hummus House
© Tel Aviv Hummus House

A stone’s throw (if you’re particularly good at throwing stones) from Zeleni Venac is Tel Aviv Hummus House, one of the finest arrivals in the Serbian capital over the last decade. It started off as a simple hole in the wall, but has blossomed into one of the most dependable and popular eateries in this part of town. Vegetarians looking for late night bites are in luck, and the various falafel options are as toothsome as they are numerous.

3. Bucko Pizza

Food Kiosk, Pizzeria, Italian, European

We’ve spent plenty of time in Belgrade, yet we’ve never walked past Bucko Pizza without seeing a queue out the door. Well, ‘door’ isn’t accurate, as all service at this tiny pizzeria is done from a window on the side of the street. The pizza is decent enough, but what sets Bucko apart is the additions you can make to your slice. If you’ve ever been intrigued by the idea of salad on top of a pizza, then make a beeline for Bucko. Just be ready to wait in line a little bit.

4. Burger House

Restaurant, North American

A delicious bacon burger from BurgerHouse
© BurgerHouseBH

One of the best burger joints in the entire region, Burger House is just as enjoyable in the afternoon as it is once the clock has struck midnight. That being said, there aren’t many things more enjoyable after a few tipples than a meaty burger and some gorgeously salty fries, and we’ve been known to walk miles at night just for the patties available here. Worth every step.

5. Ćirino Drvce

Food Kiosk, Kebab, Turkish

Meat, meat, and a little bit more meat. And cheese!
© Cirino Drvce / Facebook
New Belgrade’s Goce Delčeva street is famous in the city, and it has nothing to do with the Bulgaro-Macedonian revolutionary after which it is named. The street is full of fast food joints, offering pljeksavica and ćevapi throughout the hours of the night. It is difficult to choose a single place, but Ćirino Drvce does thrust its hand forward by weight of greasiness and gluttony. The classics are all available, but we heartily recommend the so-called ‘Serbian Snickers’. It has absolutely nothing to do with chocolate, but that’s all we’re saying. Trust us.

6. Skadarlijske Kobasice

Food Kiosk, European

Sausages and little else, but what sausages!
© Kopa Na Klik / Facebook

Food outlets in Serbia generally fall into two categories when it comes to variety on the menu. On the one hand you have places that try to do a little bit of everything for everyone. On the other you have spots like Skadarlijske Kobasice, who offer just one thing and do it immensely well. Sausages are the name of the game here, and the simplicity of it all is matched by the toothsomeness of the bangers available. The location near Skadarlija is obviously another tick in its porky box.

7. Stepin Vajat

Restaurant, European

It isn’t exactly near the city centre, but there is a reason so many flock to Stepin Vajat after a few beverages. This spot close to Autokomanda has gained itself a reputation for producing the best street meat in the city, and in a place as carnivore crazy as Belgrade that is no mean feat. The aesthetics are surprisingly pleasing as well, a hut that harks back to a simpler time in the Serbian capital.

8. Pinokio

Pizzeria, Food Kiosk, European, Italian

Zemun isn’t short of late night bites itself, the city within a city managing to retain its loyal citizens even when the lure of fast food elsewhere presents itself. The pancakes of Pinokio are a major factor in that, going a long way towards proving that there is more to fast food in Belgrade than greasy meat and ajvar. There is plenty of that as well, but these are some of the finest pancakes in town, and our nose isn’t getting any bigger after uttering that sentence.

9. Burrito Madre

Restaurant, Mexican

Pick your fillings at Burrito Madre
© Burrito Madre

Most fast food options in Belgrade don’t bother to worry about things like health, so the arrival of Burrito Madre to the Serbian capital a few years ago was a breath of fresh air for those worried by such cumbersome things. Offering Mexican food that the customer tailors to their own particular tastes, the chain can now be found across the city in a number of locations, with consistently excellent burritos available in each.

10. Good Food

Food Kiosk, Turkish, European

The name might conjure up images of poor translations and keyword orientated branding, but Good Food also manages to do what it says on the tin. This Zeleni Venac spot didn’t put much effort into its aesthetics, with all the focus going on the grilled meat, pizzas and sandwiches that fly out of the kitchen once the sun goes down. The presence of the Golden Arches nearby has done nothing to hurt its business either, which is always a good sign.

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