The 10 Best Bars in Dorcol, Belgrade

Ventil is one of many intriguing nightlife spots in Dorćol
Ventil is one of many intriguing nightlife spots in Dorćol | © Bife Ventil

You can find a little bit of everything in Dorćol, and that is definitely true of its nightlife scene. Craft beer, cocktails, spirits and good old fashioned Serbian debauchery await all those who enter, with bars for the fashionable and pubs for the more down to earth. These are the best spots to party in Dorćol.

1. Blaznavac Kafe-bar

Bar, Cafe, Contemporary

Blaznavac isnt your usual continental cafe
© Blaznavac Kafe-bar

Named after Milivoje Blaznavac (or more specifically, his moustache), this Dorćol bar has carved out a name for itself as a premier place to head no matter the time of day. We’ll plump for an afternoon in the chaotic aesthetics of the garden however, a patch of land that has more neon and eccentricity crammed into it than you might believe possible. The beer isn’t half bad either.

2. Gunners Pub

Pub, Contemporary

Another ordinary day at Gunners Pub
© Gunners Pub

One of the liveliest beer bars in Dorćol, Gunners Pub is located next to Student’s Square and is popular with drinkers both young and old. A great selection of beers is available, including the best of the best when it comes to Serbian craft breweries, and some of the best staff in the entire city. Using beer kegs as urinals is a genuine touch of genius too, and the rock music makes for a truly excellent pivo experience.

3. Bar Central

Cocktail Bar, Contemporary

Some of the finest cocktails in any city
© Bar Central

Not to be confused with Centrala, Bar Central is the very dictionary definition of a classy cocktail bar. You won’t find ‘classy cocktail bar’ in the dictionary, of course, but you get the idea. This is where to go if you fancy dressing up and trying a variety of colourful concoctions. The bartenders know exactly what they are doing, too, and are fully deserving of all the awards and accolades that have been thrown their way.

4. The Black Turtle Pub

Pub, Contemporary

The Black Turtle is a true Belgrade icon
© The Black Turtle Pubs & Brewery / Facebook

When the word ‘beer’ comes up in conversation in Belgrade, the Black Turtle will inevitably rear its veteran head. Arguably the most iconic pub in the city, The Black Turtle actually has three of its own branded pubs across the city, as well as being the brains (and brews) behind a number of other establishments. The Turtle also acts as an independent brewer, and a selection of its excellent concoctions are available throughout its pubs.

5. Centrala

Bar, Cafe, Contemporary

Equally as vital as a daytime coffee spot, Dorćol’s Centrala is an iconic staple of the old town’s nightlife. This is a student hotspot. And by ‘student’ we mean the old academic version of the word as opposed to ‘young person getting drunk instead of learning’. There is plenty of alcohol flowing nonetheless, but the atmosphere is built from discussion as opposed to disco.

6. Bife Ventil

Bar, Contemporary

There is always something going on at Ventil
© Bife Ventil

We used to live quite literally 30 seconds from Ventil, so needless to say we found ourselves spending the odd evening in this charming cellar bar. The music differs from the norm in town, with the focus firmly on rock and indie as opposed to mind-numbing turbo folk. Ventil also has plenty of live music on offer, and you might just find your new favourite acoustic duo strumming away in this engaging little Dorćol spot.

7. Miners Pub

Pub, Contemporary

Nothing unusual here
© Miners Pub

If you close your eyes and imagine what a place called ‘Miners Pub’ might look like, you won’t be far from the truth. What the pub lacks in light, it more than makes up for with a huge beer selection – one of the best in the city. Craft brews from all over the world are available, along with a delightfully relaxed atmosphere and actual darts, not the soft tip nonsense that plagues much of the continent.

8. Meduza

Bar, Cafe, Contemporary

Cake for kids, alcohol for adults!
© Meduza

The world needs more places like Meduza. This is the sort of spot that straddles the line between intended carelessness and an attention to detail, with an interior that is as much stripped down as it is built up. The contradictions end there, however, and the Dorćol bar peddles a fine range of drinks to go alongside inventive DJs and a vigorous atmosphere. And yes, the toilet is behind the bar.

9. Krafter

Pub, Contemporary

Located on Belgrade’s trendy Strahinjića Bana Street (somewhat disrespectfully known as ‘Silicone Valley’ in some parts), Krafter pays close attention to seasonal trends while bringing quality refreshment to the parched folk of Dorćol. Selection and variety are the lifeblood of the beer bar, and Krafter has both in abundance.

10. Rakia Bar

Bar, Contemporary

Have you really visited Serbia if you didn’t bother to try a little bit of rakija? The answer is yes, obviously, but there are few things more traditional in this magnificent country than a little glass of worryingly strong fruit brandy. Rakia Bar is the best place to sample some of the different flavours, although try not to get carried away. Some of them are so moorish that you might find yourself going through a glass too many, and we can confirm that the day after struggle is painful.

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