Where to Smoke Shisha in St Petersburg

Where to Smoke Shisha in St Petersburg
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Shisha culture spread through St Petersburg relatively recently but has already become a huge hit, provoking the opening of multiple restaurants and bars with a very special atmosphere, full of people exhaling the aromatic smoke. Culture Trip offers you the best places to have shisha and spend a relaxing evening.


Bar, Cafe, Japanese, Dessert, $$$
Stylish and luxurious interior, relaxing atmosphere and high-class shishas – all this at Mundshuk. Centrally located on Nevsky prospect, it is on the top of the list of shisha places in the city, thanks to masters of shisha preparers working there and a huge selection of tobaccos and flavors.
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Lounge-Café Par

Bar, Restaurant, Cafe, European, Tea , Dessert, Russian, $$$
This lounge is offering a huge selection of shishas, along with some outstanding tobacco and flavor combinations. As a cherry on top, they have a menu with dishes from different parts of the world and great selection of drinks. The atmosphere is cozy and relaxed, a great choice to spend some quality time.
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Gosti lounge

Cafe, Bar, Tea , $$$
This place is the first in St Petersburg to open in format of a shisha anti-cafe: as any anti-cafe concept, you pay for time and consume for free. Pretty amazing for some real shisha lovers who want to try as much as they can and don’t mind spending half of the day exploring the menu. A small tip: To be sure you can find the place, call in advance!
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Привет, Гость! Смотри, какие у нас классные пополнения в ряду кальянов. 🔺 Кальян CAPSULE. Не шаблонный, уникальный дизайн кальяна придется по вкусу всем увлекающимся курением кальяна. Материалы, которые были использованы при производстве не подвержены коррозии. Нержавеющая сталь, декор — натуральный карбон. 🔺BONNIE Подобно легендарному гангстерскому дуэту,  новые модели Bonnie & Clyde выступают за бескомпромиссность. Потому что с точки зрения качества, обработки и поведения курения, два кальяна никоим образом не уступают своим крупным братьям и сестрам! 🔺CWP Circa Новая шахта от CWP – это путешествие в мир эмоций и ярких красок. Мгновенно узнаваемая скульптурная центральная часть и инновационная "sandwich" конструкция основания позволили объединить в одном продукте красоту анодированного декора и долговечность функциональных элементов из нержавеющей стали. 🔺DDI Classic Стильный, удобный в обращении кальян. Шахта  из нержавеющей стали выполнена в минималистично чёрном цвете. . Всех этих красавцев ты можешь увидеть и главное, попробовать покурить на них у нас в Гостях.

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Hookah Place

Bar, Cafe, Tea , $$$
The St Petersburg version of popular Moscow Hookah Place, created by a famous shisha bloger JohnCalliano, this is one of the top recommended places to visit for shisha fans. The menu is impressive, even for those who think they have tried all possible tobacco flavors (which you can also purchase from their shop). The Hookah Place is offering only shishas, tea and soft drinks, but if you are hungry, you are welcome to bring or order your own food.
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Royal Smoke

Bar, Cafe, European, Russian, $$$
This shisha bar offers a full menu for a proper dinner, full scale bar and, of course, a wide selection of shisha. The bar is linked with the shop under the same name, so they always have an impressive choice of tobaccos.
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Afternoon Tea, Dinner, Late Night


Casual, Relaxed