The Best Late-Night Restaurants in St Petersburg

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Olga Glioza

In a city that never sleeps, it is crucial to know some late-night places, from a bar to a club or a place for an after-party meal to make you feel at home. These restaurants are working 24/7 (some of them literally) and will always feed your cravings, any time of day and night.

1. Graf-In

Restaurant, European, Japanese, Italian, Asian

The idea behind the Graf In menu is variety. No need to choose just one cuisine, when you can mix them and try the best from each. Their menu boasts meals from European, Japanese, Italian cuisines and exclusive Wok dishes. The Wok menu was created specially for this place by a chef invited from Myanmar who taught the whole team all the details of Asian cuisine.

2. Beef Bar Vosem

Restaurant, Bar, European, Russian, Beer, Wine, Pub Grub, Fast Food

This spacious bar is situated on the eighth floor of the famous Hotel Moscow, situated by the Neva river. Great panoramic windows give a perfect view any time of the day and night, and the menu gives the choice of dishes from early breakfasts to late-night dinners.

3. Mollie's Pub

Bar, Pub, Irish, European, Russian, Pub Grub, Wine, Beer

This is the first Irish pub in St Petersburg and one of the most beloved ones. Located on the bar street, Rubinsteina, it is a great place to visit any time of the day. A wide selection of beers along with selected recipes from European, Irish and English cuisine; a great choice for any occasion.

4. Clean Plates Cafe

Restaurant, Cafe, European

The kitchen at Clean Plates Cafe is open every day up to 1 a.m., so if you suddenly get hungry around midnight – this is the right choice. The menu is comprised from some European dishes as well as some fusion Asian inspirations and vegetarian plates.

5. Grill Bar Arka

Bar, Restaurant, European, Russian

This two-level bar and restaurant is situated in a historical place, which previously saw many famous people, some say even Pushkin used to drink here. But the past is past and currently it is home to a beautiful space with great menu, based on some Russian dishes with a contemporary twist. There are also some unique grill options on the menu.

6. Hochu Kharcho

Restaurant, Georgian, Vegetarian, Vegan

The menu here is inspired by Georgian cuisine, and the main dish, as t he name suggests, is the famous soup kharcho. All the dishes are created with according to traditional recipes, and some ingredients are brought personally by the chef from Georgia. By the way, Hochu Kharcho also has a 24/7 delivery, in case you are suddenly craving some Georgian cuisine at home.

7. Burger & Crab

Restaurant, Russian, European, Seafood, Mediterranean

As the name suggests, this place specializes in two dishes: burgers and crabs. You can try 8 – 10 varieties of each of the basic products, infused in different dishes. The main menu is topped up with a great selection of craft beers and bourbon-based cocktails.

8. Flat of Kostya Kroitz

Bar, Restaurant, Restaurant with Rooms, Tea Room, Russian, European, Fusion

The famous Kroitz Flat is not just a bar and a restaurant but also a tea house (plus it offers rooms for rent). All of this is situated in a flat on the last floor of one of the historical buildings in the St Petersburg center. One interesting point is that every guest of has his or her own key to enter, so before your visit be sure to call them and clarify all the details and book your table. Even though it is still somewhat of secret, Kroitz is still very popular.

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