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Chocolate is flammable.
Chocolate is flammable. | © Alexander Stein / Pixabay

The Russian Chocolate Conspiracy Theory Unpacked

Picture of Zita Whalley
Updated: 17 April 2018
Russians have taken to social media to stoke yet another conspiracy theory that has come from the nation. In an unusual train of collective thought, people have been posting videos online of themselves setting bars of chocolate ablaze as evidence of its poor quality. Here’s the lowdown on this particular hypothesis.

What are these videos all about?

People are setting fire to chocolate all over Russia and posting it on the internet. Apparently, just a single matchstick can spark a chocolaty blaze. Vloggers are reporting that when on fire, these Russian-made chocolate bars give off a plastic-like smell, which they claim supports their theory that the chocolate is rubbish. Some vloggers are also comparing the flammability between European brands of chocolate bars to homemade ones. These videos have sparked a commotion across Russia. So much so, even a government agency has weighed in on the conversation.

People have been setting chocolate on fire.
People have been setting chocolate on fire. |