The Best Russian Restaurants in Moscow

Courtesy of Severyane Restaurant / Moscow
Courtesy of Severyane Restaurant / Moscow
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Even though it is not a big deal to find a restaurant in Moscow, this rule changes if you are looking for a quality Russian cuisine in the city center. Russian restaurants in the capital are warm and family friendly spots with many local quality courses on offer, some of them are carefully cooked since the era of Tsar. A modern Russian restaurant menu includes traditional ingredients, various first and second courses, and featuresfolklore. Many of the traditional local restaurants use special, old techniques of cooking. Here’s a selection of the best restaurants serving Russian cuisine in Moscow.

1. Selfie

Restaurant, Bar, Cocktail Bar, Russian, Seafood, Mediterranean

Selfie is a traditional urban Russian cuisine restaurant with a modern design. An extensive menu offers you many traditional Russian courses, including borsch and potatoes with mushrooms. All the products are delivered to the venue daily, their seasonal products are the freshest, and they really follow Russian traditional techniques of cooking, but with a modern view.

2. White Rabbit Restaurant & Bar

Restaurant, Russian, Contemporary, Vegetarian, Vegan

This is one of the most popular and beautiful Russian cuisine restaurants in the heart of Moscow and should be booked way in advance. The menu offers you a vast choice of the traditional Russian courses mixed with contemporary Russian cuisine, which is what makes this place really unique. Order yourself Russian borsch soup with black bread and don’t forget to try traditional Russian ice cream, or Lakomka. Yummy!

3. Oblomov Restaurant

Restaurant, Russian, Vegetarian, Vegan

Another great place to try authentic Russian food is Oblomov restaurant, which serves delicious traditional Russian food. Every item on the menu reminds its guests of the days of the Russian Empire. All the courses are cooked in an old way and the restaurant is a family friendly spot with a special kid menu on offer daily.

4. Severyane

Restaurant, Russian, European

This is a contemporary Russian cuisine restaurant which operates seven days in a week and is very popular among locals and visitors. This place is famous for its outstanding Russian dishes, where they add the special flavors and ingredients. Prices don’t bite as they could. Obviously, you will pay for the ambiance too, but the food is exceptional. Book in advance.

5. Ded Pihto

Restaurant, Russian

This affordable and family friendly Russian cuisine restaurant is located in the heart of Moscow. Be sure that the price won’t bite your wallet. There isn’t an English menu, but everyone here speaks English. Try the classic Russian borsch soup and don’t forget to order some seledka (a Russian fish snack for vodka experience) with a salad and baked potatoes.

6. Chestnaya Kuhnya

Restaurant, Cafe, Restaurant with Rooms, Russian, Seafood, European

One more fine-dining option in the heart of Moscow is located close to Boulevard Ring and is accessible from many centrally located hotels. This Russian cuisine restaurant focuses on grilled traditional meat and local fish. It’s a good place to have your Russian cuisine experience and to see the local way of life.

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