The Best Restaurants in Rostov-on-Don

© lifeofpix/ Pexels
© lifeofpix/ Pexels
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Contributor / Journalist14 May 2018

When thinking of the culinary capitals of Russia, Rostov-On-Don may not spring to mind straight away. Culture Trip is here to change that.

The increasing number of restaurants using fresh, local ingredients to deliver up stand-out dishes is making Rostov-On-Don’s foodies very happy. But which restaurants do we rank as the best of the best? Take a look at our five favourites below.


Bistro, European, $$$
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A cozy and modern European bistro right in the heart of Rostov-On-Don, Gavrosh opens its doors to visitors every day at 8am. For breakfast, fresh pastries are made in house to take away or eat in. On top of that, pancakes, eggs, granola and sandwiches are also on offer. For lunch and dinner, expect to find dishes such as duck fillet and Chateaubriand steak, all of which can be complemented by a glass of fine wine from the extensive menu. Fill your stomach with these gourmet essentials and then take a stroll through the city streets.

New York

Bar, Restaurant, American, Wine, $$$
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Quality American cuisine with a Russian accent is something of a rarity in Rostov-On-Don, but this restaurant does it perfectly. This lovely modern venue is located in a historical building (circa 1890) that is considered to be a part of the cultural heritage of this city. Live music, DJ sets from famous performers, and an exciting ambience, this place have everything a visitor needs.


Restaurant, Italian, $$$
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The best Italian restaurant in the city? It just may be. Bellucci features a great balance between food quality and price point, and all the typical Italian courses are here; think bruschetta to start, followed by porcini-mushroom risotto, and then tiramisu for dessert. The staff is friendly and authentic – they love what they do and you will feel the Italian spirit in the air. Ci vediamo presto!

Onegin Dacha

Restaurant, Russian, $$$
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A typical Russian venue named after Eugene Onegin, the eponymous lead in one of Alexander Puskin’s most famous novels. Many traditional Russian dishes are included on Onegin Dacha’s menu and chef Anton Kochura works hard to ensure they are of impeccable standard. This is a restaurant exudes Russian culinary elegance and provides great service. The venue is nicely spaced and never feels overly cramped with ‘shoulder-to-shoulder’ seating.

Hyde Park

Restaurant, European
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Laid-back, cozy, and casual with an elegant British interior, Hyde Park ia a mut-visit while in Rostov-on-Don. Chef Yuri Krivtsov likes to ‘cook with a soul’, something which clearly comes across in his food. For a dish that’s truly unique, try the ‘pigeon milk’ cake.