The Best Clubs in Kitay-Gorod, Moscow

Kitay-Gorod metro station
Kitay-Gorod metro station | © Mikhail (Vokabre) Shcherbakov

Moscow is a vibrant city which never sleeps. From restaurants to museums, from cinemas to street performers, there is always something going on in Russia’s capital. Nightlife is no exception. One of Moscow’s oldest districts, Kitay-Gorod, is full of bars and clubs where you can dance the night away and not even notice that the sun has risen and the metro has reopened to take the hard-working people of Moscow to their early-morning shifts. Here are the best clubs to keep you busy all night in Kitay-Gorod, Moscow.

1. Propaganda

Bar, Cocktail Bar, Nightclub, European

Propaganda is as old as Moscow‘s club scene itself. It was first opened in 1997 and has been mesmerising Moscow’s audience ever since. It is a popular lunch spot by day and turns into the capital’s most popular club by night. On Sundays hosts Moscow’s most popular gay parties.

2. Club Liberty

Nightclub, Bar, Cocktail Bar, BBQ, Central American, European, Seafood

If salsa is your dance and Latin rhythms are right up your alley, Club Liberty is the place for you in Moscow. It’s located in the very heart of Kitay-Gorod. Liberty is a place which never sleeps – just like Moscow itself. You can pop there for lunch or dinner, dance the whole night and grab a snack for breakfast on your way out. Don’t know how to salsa? No problem at all. You can learn it right at Liberty every Wednesday and Saturday night.

3. Chinese Pilot Jao Da

Bar, Nightclub, European, Russian

Kitayskiy Letchik Jao Da (translated as Chinese Pilot Jao Da) is a space for those who are after a more alternative vibe. It is a rusty, gritty space contrasting with the more upscale venues in the centre of Moscow. Jao Da opens its stage to a host of the most interesting Russian and international musicians. There is a concert here every day, on one or even both stages they have available. If you’d like to mingle with the local students, listen to the best independent music Russia has to offer and snack on some local classics, Jao Da is your place to be.

4. Kozlov Club

Bar, Cocktail Bar, Nightclub, Russian, Italian, European

Kozlov Club was established in 2012 by Aleksey Kozlov, a living legend of Russian and Soviet jazz. The Club is the embodiment of everything you would want a jazz club to be: it draws the creme de la creme of both Russian and international jazz scene; whatever important thing happened in jazz in recent years, it has been performed on the Club’s stage. It is also a very cosy, elegant space with live music luring it the background at any time of the day, so it’s a perfect spot for an atmospheric lunch. Aleksey Kozlov himself performs here every Friday alongside Arsenal – Russia‘s first jazz-rock collective which he had founded.

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