Discovering Moscow’s Hidden Wine Palace

Rika Schoeman

Some people drink wine because it’s good for the heart, and some drink wine for the pure enjoyment of it. The same can be said for music. But it doesn’t really matter why you love wine and music, what’s important is that a rustic and cozy restaurant exists that can cater to your every desire with its vast selection of wines and music.

The entrance to Vinomania still covered in Christmas lights. Picture courtesy of Rika Schoeman.

Vinomania is a scenic three minute walk from the Chekhovskaya, Pushkinskaya, Tverskaya metro intersection. Once you exit the metro, look for the Rassiy theatre and an arch right across the Pushkin Square. Enter that arc and be dazzled by the hidden culinary gems that can be found there.

Nestled a stone throw away from the arc, in a tranquil spot lies every wine and beer connoisseur’s dream! Vinomania provides a wide selection of exquisite wines, from the elegant vineyards of France and Italy to the rich vineyards of South Africa and Chile and everything in between. A current favorite amongst Vinomaniacs is the Quinta D’Amares wines from Portugal, described as a fresh bouquet of light, fresh wines, with a slight taste of citrus and lemon nuances. If wine isn’t your beverage of choice, be thrilled by the new addition to the café: an exclusive variety of mouth-watering craft beers.

Vinomania wine and craft was founded by Alexander Soltanov, Olga Soltanove, Oleg Mohnarylov and Natalya Mohnarylova back in November 2014. They are a group of friends who decided they wanted to open a space where people could sit back, let their hair down, and enjoy themselves in a place with beautiful interior design, and of course, indulge in a good glass of wine! According to the group, they originally planned to create a dreamlike atmosphere and a rich wine list which will satisfy the requirements of both connoisseurs and those that chose to taste this noble drink once in a while.

In addition to divine wine and craft beer, Vinomania also has an exquisite selection of delicacies catered to each season. They are especially skilled at making fresh, scrumptious salads, and delicious puree soups. Can’t find something that tantalizes your taste buds? An arrangement can be made with the chef to create something unique just for you. In fact, Vinomania can cater to groups wishing to host birthdays, anniversaries, or other celebrations.

If you happen to visit Vinomania on a Friday night, prepare to be blown away by the live music which fills the comfy atmosphere of the restaurant. Performers from Moscow’s own Stanislavski theater brighten up the scene with an acoustic performance that includes guitars, violins, flutes, and other classical instruments.

There is a strong possibility, according to management, that Vinomania will offer other enticing events in the near future such as costume parties, speed dating in English, and wine tastings.

One of the performers. Picture courtesy of Vinomania craft and wine.

Vinomania is worth a visit, just to indulge in elegant design and art adorning the interior of the restaurant. This place can be neatly summed up in their hospitable slogan, ‘We await you!’
By Rika Schoeman

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