A Russian Brand Has Created the Most Adorable Micro Kitchen

Courtesy of LLLOOCH
Courtesy of LLLOOCH

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Up-and-coming Russian furniture brand LLLOOCH has just launched a Kickstarter campaign to launch its playful LoLo micro-kitchen design, which is perfect for small spaces.

Bored by bulky kitchen units and uninspiring finishes, design duo Tatyana and Mikhail Repin came up with LoLo – a compact modular kitchen design that comes in four fun units, specifically designed to hold the essentials such as a microwave, office water coolers, kettle and coffee maker.

Courtesy of LLLOOCH

You can opt for just one module or all four, each being made from natural birch plywood and finished with a cute facial design. The coffee maker module comes with five adjustable hangers for up to 16 cups, while the microwave module contains two storage drawers and an upper shelf to cater for up to 18 plates.

Courtesy of LLLOOCH

The kettle module is the smallest unit, providing a countertop for the kettle plus two storage drawers, while the water cooler design can take a regular office desktop water cooler and has extra storage underneath.

The design was exhibited at Milan Design Week and saw a lot of interest, which inspired the designers to get support through Kickstarter in order to start production beyond test batches.

Courtesy of LLLOOCH

LLLOOCH art director Leonid Lozbenko said: ‘The LoLo concept is different from anything we have seen before, because it lets you decide on the functions you need and choose any combination of modules accordingly. If you have a small space and need a quick, easy and fun way to keep your kitchen equipment, LoLo is the perfect solution.’

Check out LLLOOCH’s site here for more information and to discover other design products.

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