9 Unique and Unusual First Date Ideas in Moscow

Catherine the Greats wedding dress, one of the many treasures found in the Kremlins Armoury
Catherine the Great's wedding dress, one of the many treasures found in the Kremlin's Armoury | © Ramon / WikiCommons

The grim architecture and dire feel of Moscow might suggest that it is not the best place for romance. However, that could not be further from the truth. Moscow is full of wonderful places to go on dates. If you’re only just starting a steamy Russian romance, here are the 10 most unique and unusual first-date ideas to try with your sweetheart.

Cook Russian Dishes with a Top Russian Chefs

Nothing brings two people together more than a common passion for food, and few things tell you more about a city’s culture. Kill two birds with one stone in one of the many cooking schools across the city. Cook and eat great food, and learn about Russia and your sweetheart in the process.

Making pelmeni

Get Steamy in a Traditional Russian Banya

Russians are extremely fond of banyas, which are traditional saunas. An outing to a banya involves more than just a quick steam room session after swimming. It’s a place to hang out with friends, to eat, drink and socialise. Depending on how bold you are, you can choose a public banya (great for people watching), or splurge on a private banya just for the two of you. Either way, it’s far from a traditional date!

Typical Russian Banya

See the City from Above in a Hot Air Balloon

If the TV tower just wasn’t enough, or you’re simply feeling extra romantic, consider taking your sweetheart on a cruise in a hot air balloon. There are several companies that offer such services in Moscow and the surrounding area. An aerial trip above the old capital will most certainly be an experience together that you will never forget.

Hot air balloons

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