20 Pictures That Prove Salina Turda Is the Coolest Underground Place on Earth

Salina Turda
Salina Turda | © Cristian Bortes / Flickr
Georgeta Gheorghe

Have you ever imagined going to an underground place that will improve your health, and looks like something Lieutenant Ellen Ripley might stumble upon deep in the bowels of an unknown planet? Well, look no further than Transylvania. Here are 20 pictures to show you why former salt mine, Salina Turda should feature on your list of places to see in Romania.

Salina Turda hosts a UFO-shaped underground amusement park

View of Salina Turda from above

To visit it, you will descend 120 meters (400 feet) underground

Salina Turda

The salt layer goes 250 meters deep on average

View of the ceiling

At its thickest, the salt layer reaches 1,200 meters (3937 ft)

Layer of salt

The Transylvanian rock formations were formed 13 million years ago

Salt formation

The first mention of Salina Turda has been traced to 1075, but salt was mined on the site from 50 BC

The salt mine hosts a museum

Salina Turda includes the Rudolf, Terezia and Ghizela Mines

Salt mine gallery

The salt mine was renovated and reopened in 2010


Renovation and makeover costs totalled 6 million euros

Iron structure

Turda Salt mine features a mini golf course

Minigolf course

Visitors can also play basketball, handball and ping pong

Basketball court

Ever rowed on an underground salt lake?

Rowing on the salt lake

Or been on a ferris wheel in a salt mine?

Ferris wheel

Spending time inside is good for your lungs and eases allergy symptoms

Playing chess to pass the time

The temperature inside is constant at 12 degrees Celsius

View from above

Salina Turda’s interior was designed by Romanian architect firm Pro Atrium

Romanian design

The salt mine is open every day


Get a seven day pass to experience sustainable health benefits


The amphitheatre hosts concerts regularly


It takes around four and half hours to get from Bucharest to Salina Turda


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