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The Best Seafood Restaurants In Lisbon, Portugal
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The Best Seafood Restaurants In Lisbon, Portugal

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Lisbon is not only Portugal’s capital but a great destination for seafood lovers. As a coastal city, its restaurants offer fresh seafood delicacies, such as prawns, lobsters, shellfish, shrimps and oysters, on a daily basis. Our restaurant list will ensure that you enjoy the very best seafood on offer.
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Cervejaria Ramiro

Cervejaria Ramiro, has managed to achieve a legendary status amongst Lisbon’s locals over the years with its fantastic seafood specialties. Now loved by locals and tourists alike, Cervejaria Ramiro is the ideal place to enjoy the very best of Portugal’s seafood selection. Glass cabinets in the restaurant’s interior display the seafood specialties and this guarantees the very best quality and freshness in Cervejaria Ramiro’s seafood dishes.

Avenida Almirante Reis 1, Lisbon, Portugal, +351 21 885 1024

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Sea Me

Unlike Lisbon’s traditional seafood restaurants, Sea Me is a very hip and modern alternative. The restaurant’s urban-designed interior and inventive Asian-inspired menu contribute to Sea Me being a fantastic choice amongst the city’s seafood classics. The restaurant’s unique menu ranges from fantastic fresh sushi and sashimi to inventive culinary creations, such as seared scallops with mango relish.

Rua do Loreto 21, Lisbon, Portugal, +351 213 461 564

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Doca Peixe

Doca Peixe, located on Lisbon’s Santo Amaro Dock, owes its name to both its location and its main specialty; fresh fish directly from the city’s fish market. Guests at Doca Peixe can not only pick between the restaurant’s wide range of fish specialties, but they can also choose how their fish is prepared and cooked, from charcoal-grilled to baked in salt and oven baked; there is an option for everyone.

Doca de Santo Amaro, Lisbon, Portugal, +351 213 973 565

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Gambrinus, situated in the heart of downtown Lisbon, has been a integral part of Lisbon’s culinary culture since first opening in the early 1930s. The restaurant, named after the patron saint of brewing, is made of classic bar elements as well as a main dining room that is designed with exotic wood. Gambrinus’ specialties include delicacies, like steamed clams or shellfish bisques, and guests have the opportunity to observe the restaurant’s gourmet chefs preparing the evening’s dishes.

Rua Das Portas de Santo Antao 23, 1150-264 Lisbon, Portugal, +351 342 1466

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Frade dos Mares

Frade dos Mares is a great addition to Lisbon’s culinary landscape. With a successful combination of Portuguese cuisine, seafood specialties and vegetarian delicacies, Frade dos Mares serves an extraordinarily diverse menu. Frade dos Mares has something to offer for every guest.

Av. Dom Carlos 55, Lisbon, Portugal, +351 21 390 9418

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100 Maneiras

All ingredients used at 100 Maneiras are locally sourced from Riberca Market and dishes are always freshly prepared. The outstandingly diverse menu changes on a regular basis and surprises guests with inventive dishes. 100 Maneiras guarantees a gourmet dining experience in a trendy but relaxed atmosphere.

Largo da Trindade, 9 Chiado, Lisbon, Portugal, +531 910 307 575