The Trendiest Coffee Venues in Gdynia

Sailboats in Gdynia Marina, Poland | © Robson90/Shutterstock
Sailboats in Gdynia Marina, Poland | © Robson90/Shutterstock
Take a step onto the well-designed streets of Poland’s popular seaside port of Gdynia in the summer months, and you will notice a flamboyant range of bars, cafés, and restaurants to fit all kind of consumer demands. But when all you crave is a good cup of coffee in a nice café, here is our list of the trendiest coffee venues in Gdynia to go alongside our guide to the best cafés in neighboring Gdansk, with some really interesting places for your morning espresso or your sunset Irish coffee.

Biały Kot Kocia Kawiarnia (Cat Cafe)

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Cat Cafe, Gdynia | © Northern Irishman in Poland
Cat Cafe, Gdynia | © Northern Irishman in Poland

Cat lovers and those with a taste for the absurd and the unusual should head to Gdynia’s very special “Cat Café.” Known as Biały Kot Kocia Kawiarnia (The White Cat Café), this is the first of its kind in the city and has received visitors and acclaim from far and wide. It has great coffee, Wi-Fi, a selection of tasty pastries, and, of course—many beautiful cats! If you only have the chance to have one cup of coffee in Gdynia, this is the place. The interior is memorable and boasts a great experience on a low budget, with coffee from six złotych.

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Cyganeria Kawiarnia

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Cyganeria Gdynia
Cyganeria Gdynia | © Northern Irishman in Poland

Today’s Poland is a far cry from the horrors of World War II, the communist era, and the Gdansk-based “Solidarnosc” movement, however, it’s nice to see a little bit of history restored to the point where it recognizes the past while embracing the future. One such venue is Cyganeria Kawiarnia, which is in the city center of Gdynia on 3 Maya Street. Open since 1946, this is truly a Gdynian institution where skilled and creative writers, poets, and musicians used to come to share ideas back in the communist times. These days, the refurbished cafe has great food, an alcohol licence, and a traditional interior, with even the old brickwork still visible.

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Delicje is a specialty café in central Gdynia that is independently run and takes its décor and inspiration from days gone by. It has traditional Polish cakes called Makowiec, great coffee, an unusual range of ice creams and has two floors.

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Contrast Cafe Gdynia

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Any visit to Gdynia deserves a trip to the seafront and beach, as the views over the Baltic Sea are part of what the city is famous for. However, the first few cafés on the list were all central, so for a change of view and a perfect place for sunset, check out Contrast Cafe. Contrast Cafe’s name might intrigue you but the meaning is clear. It’s a wonderful café by day for coffee, cake, and light meals. By night, it is a superb beach side venue for alcohol, dinner parties, and drinking long into the night.

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Cafe Klaps

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With a well-decorated interior and cozy seating, Café Klaps offers a welcome escape from the streets of Gdynia. Serving up delicious ice cream and cakes and with a deliberate “cinema theme,” Café Klaps is one of the city’s trendy venues to hang out in these days.

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Lili’s is a passionate and customer-focused coffee shop which has a tempting blend of aromatic coffees and an extraordinary selection of cakes and pastries. During the day,
sandwiches and healthy fruit juices are also served and the brand now has two locations in the city—the original is on Waszyngtona but the Aleja Zwycięstwa venue is becoming the most popular. It also opens earlier than other venues in the city, with an everyday opening of 9 a.m. (except Sundays at 10 a.m.), making it a good place to kick-start your day.

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